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Air Lines

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Vlad Gerasimov 18 Janvier 2008
I am lucky to live in times when airplanes have already been invented. I enjoy traveling, and it would not be possible (or at least as easy) without airplane industry. So, this wallpaper is  a dedication to those who all who makes flights possible: inventors, constructors, pilots, air traffic control officers, and stewardesses!

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Commentaires {65}

Michael TIghe 18 Janvier 2008
Can you start making iPhone-sized wallpapers? (480X320)

Clark Fleischauer 18 Janvier 2008
Great detail.Very nice as usual vlad.

Markus 18 Janvier 2008
Great wallpaper, nice tones and great details. :)

Trotamundo Venezuela 18 Janvier 2008
Muy bueno

Marko 18 Janvier 2008
A masterpiece! :)

Raquel 18 Janvier 2008
I loved!!!!! but where is Brazil?? :(

Karin 18 Janvier 2008
That´s it! Thanks so much from a flight operation control officer in Germany. I love your work. Karin

Michelle 18 Janvier 2008
love this one Vlad, but again you've left Australia our :(

LucasDT 18 Janvier 2008
The blue color always works. Great work with the shadows of the planes and routes. I like the effect of the light beam at both sides of the Earth. Really nice one.

Christina 18 Janvier 2008
i clicked on the free download one but it wont let me right click?

Mohammed Korashy 19 Janvier 2008
Ho Ho Ho Weee Waaaaaa Yao Yao Weeeeeeeee !!!!

Ludmila 19 Janvier 2008
Just like flies :)

Michael 19 Janvier 2008
I'm a pilot too. A beautiful piece! More aviation scenes are a plus. Thanks for all your effort.

Jean 19 Janvier 2008
WOW! Beautiful wallpaper! Thanks a lot, Vlad!!!

Steven 20 Janvier 2008
Vlad - Awesome!! I love this one! I'm not sure which one i like more - this blue or the colored one. But either way, this one is exquisite!

ACE 22 Janvier 2008

ReZe 23 Janvier 2008
this is the top ten picture Vlad, AMAZING, thanks for expanding beauty around the world!

Predrag Pecenica 28 Janvier 2008
Fascinating [as always is] ... i really do not know to say else, since it is obvious that Vlad has a lot of love inside, which is seen on his pictures ..

Camellia 31 Janvier 2008
your mind is perfect and i think blue and so calm you see every thing from diferrent vision

yalo 6 Février 2008

草草 7 Février 2008

Roy Gunawan 12 Février 2008
Love it. Using it as my desktop wallpaper right now. Thank you Vlad!

peremenka 23 Février 2008
Thank you very much ;) Nice job. Spasibo ))

ja :) 25 Février 2008

rob janssen 14 Mars 2008
very nice

meera 23 Mars 2008
very nice picture

bunbun 25 Mai 2008

kennith ebloc 12 Août 2009
Like it but could you do one for the other side of the earth.

Roman Toporkov 4 Juin 2010
Thank you so much!

cvz 10 Novembre 2011

daniel 11 Novembre 2012
How do i install it??

Tanner 25 Mai 2013
還好吧..我個人覺得... ^ _ ^ 好評

Dominic 26 Octobre 2014
I love it!

Vlad Gerasimov 18 Janvier 2008
Michael: please click DOWNLOAD FOR MOBILE PHONE button, and from list of sizes, select 320x480. Thanks!

TSiRKO 18 Janvier 2008
just wow

Saianth 18 Janvier 2008
Awesome ..Iam an aeronautical engineer myself .... i have been seeing urs for last 3-4 years .... i have to say this ones for me :) :)

Pascal Bourque 18 Janvier 2008
This is definitely my new favorite wallpaper from you, Vlad! It has just replaced the Music Eater, which had been on my desktop for a while now. Keep up the great work! :-)

feng shaun 18 Janvier 2008

maneli 18 Janvier 2008
very nice!!! but why there is no flight to Tehran????:(

HeeeeHaaaaaa 18 Janvier 2008
Awesome wallpaper.

AMPIT 18 Janvier 2008
I love travel as well and I love the beutiful `planes caming out of the earth following thier own routes. Wondewrful as allways. Thanks once more.

beata 18 Janvier 2008
I loove this colour! Thank You :)

Christina 18 Janvier 2008
Double post but its not the site it my computer sorry. Love your work by the way!

Parzival 19 Janvier 2008
Magnificent work! You are Genius :)!

Ed Stoudenmire 19 Janvier 2008
As always, I find myself wondering: How does he do it? Not only the ideas, but the execution... just too fine for words.

su 19 Janvier 2008
정말 좋아요~!!

Dj Asterix 21 Janvier 2008
Great wallpaper Vlad, you got the scense of a crewmember life, thks.

Leti 21 Janvier 2008
very nice! I would like to see South America too

Emina 28 Janvier 2008
mmm.. love it!

Дми́трий Калашников 28 Janvier 2008
Yeah, your work is amazeingly, cool. Keep up the good work. 'Cus its the best in the entire world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jaideep 28 Janvier 2008
So sweet.....

chazzZ 1 Février 2008

Ross Mondschain 4 Février 2008
you never cease to WOW me me with your amazing vision!!!

ippon 11 Février 2008

Franz Schraubhuber 22 Février 2008
but the polar bears are dying...

Qwerty 22 Février 2008
i like

aogiri 27 Février 2008
Air Lines2 is good also.

aogiri 27 Février 2008
Air Lines2 is good also.

Сашка 5 Avril 2008
Привіт, Влад. Сюдячи по твоїй шпалерці, в Україну взагалі не літають літаки?

Kuba 8 Août 2008
Vlad you are true master!

Kayzar 30 Septembre 2009
No Australia? Sad :(

cvz 10 Novembre 2011

cvz 10 Novembre 2011

Beep 9 Mai 2013
Super Génial !

ran 16 Septembre 2013
Thank you, I will try this...

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