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La nuit de Noël

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Vlad Gerasimov 25 Novembre 2006
Christmas is coming! This is  my attempt to bring the spirit of Christmas to your desktop. Merry Christmas and happy new year to everybody! To get this wallpaper without texts, click Previous wallpaper. Curious how this wallpaper was created? I published a tutorial about making of Christmas Night wallpapers - check it out at Also, registered users can download Adobe Photoshop source file from

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Commentaires {70}

Vlad Gerasimov Il y  a longtemps
nothing: hehe :-) I do sometimes post comments, but I always sign as Vlad Gerasimov. Thanks!

Muhammad Mubashir Il y  a longtemps
my heart was out of body (U) I love this page, it has a lot of things that i want. besos... kissies (l) It's nice, but I would like to se a wallpaper only with stars...... (Y) :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)

hanbh Il y  a longtemps

Antonella Il y  a longtemps
me encantan esta pagina tiene cosas re originales... i love this page, it has a lot of things that i want. besos... kissies Antonella

bpeople Il y  a longtemps
Totally awesome! I'm glad to see ¡Feliz Navidad! from Spain.

Itxas Il y  a longtemps
Would be great if you could add the Happy New Year message in Basque (Euskara), which is as follows: Urte Berri On! Thanks - Spasibo

none Il y  a longtemps
it's wonderful!!! great job vlad it's awesome

TwiKi Il y  a longtemps
I loved the fish rocks...Merry Xmas

spidernik84 Il y  a longtemps
It's a great wallpaper, good job ;) The other works are also wonderful :P Just a note: "Buone Feste" is in italian,but the line to does not point to Italy ;D Merry Christmas Vlad!

confused_monkey Il y  a longtemps
u r the best :D

Khal Il y  a longtemps
Vlad, =*( I am so happy. Good job man.

Maira Il y  a longtemps
Man, so sad Brazil and the whole south hemisphere dont appear... By the way, in case u dont understand portuguese, the guy above (Gabriel) said that this images are really cool and he liked the site very much...

Matt Il y  a longtemps
vlad this wallpaper is briliant, beautiful, and so on like all your other papers.... BUT by far the best part is the fish for the ocean i saw that and jsut broke down laughing thank you for a merry desktop vlad

Vladislav Gerasimov Il y  a longtemps
Sindri Svan: oh sorry! That is the fault of an online resource I used to translate. I fixed that error! Thanks.

Vladislav Gerasimov Il y  a longtemps
Syriusz: no, no politics at all! Simply lack of space. I would not fit all hundreds of languages.

Sindri Svan Il y  a longtemps
Oh, sorry. Iceland letters don't show... That was supposed to be "Gledileg Jol" :)

Jeer Il y  a longtemps
Veselé Vánoce a šťastný Nový rok! :-)

kamal Il y  a longtemps
what about arabic عيد ميلاد سعيد

gözde Il y  a longtemps
Türkçede koyun laann (U)

grikkorio Il y  a longtemps
oh... I forgot: wonderful wallpaper (Y)

grikkorio Il y  a longtemps
The right italian sentence is not "Buone feste natalizie" but "buone feste" or "buon Natale".

nealla Il y  a longtemps
Thank you, Vlad. This looks wonderful on my desktop..

Kasia Il y  a longtemps
Fish language and many many more... but where is Polish ;-) Great as always!

tmy Il y  a longtemps
aa evt niye yokk

gözde Il y  a longtemps
türkçe niye yookk :-S

ClaudioU 23 Janvier 2008
Sindi Svan: "Te-Pito-O-Te-Henua" means "the navel of the world" in Easter Island. Later, but it helps to know. (I'm from Chile)

Jazhara7 30 Novembre 2008
Syriusz, last I checked Germany was considered central Europe. ;) And "Froehliche Weihnachten" (which would be written "Fröhliche Weihnachten" unless you have no choice, due to symbols not being displayed, for example. In case it isn't displayed, know that the "oe" in "Froehliche" is a transliteration of a special symbol in German which is basically an "o" with two horizontal dots over it.) is German, even if the line is pointing at Belgium instead. *laughs* (for future reference, the North coast of Germany is to the left of the outcrop of land that is Denmark. But not too far to the left, or you will ppint at the Netherlands insteads. :D ). I'm not blaming Vlad for this error, by the way. He's only human after all. :) Still, love this wallpaper. ^_^

Zsófia 23 Décembre 2009
Hi! Great job! The Hungarian Christmas wishes: Boldog Karácsonyt! :)

26 Décembre 2009
ezek tok jok

Henrique 2 Juillet 2010
Add "Feliz Natal" Portuguese / Brazil

Cyril 30 Décembre 2012
Thank you for this beautiful pic, simply great, Best Wishes to all for this end of year , and happiness :)

seyit 2 Mars 2014
Şahane Wonderful замечательный

Yassine 22 Septembre 2015
good job ;)

Gloria Persian CaT Il y  a longtemps

Laura Il y  a longtemps
My name is Laura by Italy and I tell you PACE & LOVE. Bey People!!! YEHa

Muhammad Mubashir Il y  a longtemps
very very very very very ............... Nice your sites. goooooooood.................(y)

NAJA Il y  a longtemps

ziba Il y  a longtemps

myshichka Il y  a longtemps
Šťastný nový rok:-) Souhlas,Jeere!;-)

Phs Il y  a longtemps
Don't forget chinese!!!!!! :-P

Jay Il y  a longtemps
I am from the UK, but we have been missed out - the English greetings are only featured over North America! There is also room for the Scots Gaelic greetings "Nollaig chridheil huibh". If you wish to add the Irish greetings it is "Beannachtaí na Nollag"

nothing Il y  a longtemps
sometimes i think vlad posts these comments >.> most of the wallpapers has over excited people screaming how good they are >.> then again most of them are pretty good

Gabriele Il y  a longtemps
Wonderful!Well Done Vlad! Probably the best Christmas picture I have seen in the last years.

friendofraj Il y  a longtemps

Audacioustrash Il y  a longtemps
Hello, love the wallpaper, but may we have it in dual monitor resolutions? Thanks,

Lilly Il y  a longtemps
Ho scelto questo sfondo perchè lo trovo bellissimo e universale!

Maira Il y  a longtemps
Oh! Forgot to say that I love your wallpapers, and Ive got lots of friends here in Brazil who like your work as well. And thanks so much for the tutorials, they are really nice. :-)

Angel Il y  a longtemps
how delightful! i love the fish language!

Emina Il y  a longtemps
Good job! and as usual, there's always a little special detail... the little fishie! Brilliant

Max Il y  a longtemps
It's nice, but I would like to se a wallpaper only with stars.. They're beautiful!

Il y  a longtemps
Âåëèêîëåïíî, óâàæàåìûé! Ðàä, ÷òî íàøåë âàø ñàéò))

Syriusz Il y  a longtemps
Vlad why you missed whole Central Europe ? Any political issues ?

Sindri Svan Il y  a longtemps
That's an awesome wallpaper! But, uh... For your information; here is Iceland we say "Gle?ileg J?l" not "Te-Pito-O-Te-Henua" ;)

Larry Il y  a longtemps
Vlad this is beautiful (Y)

pete Il y  a longtemps
beautiful work and a merry xmas to u and your family .-)

gabriel Il y  a longtemps
pow essas imagens são muito maneiras!!!!!!!:-) adorei esse site!!!(y) (l)(u)

Tauheed Il y  a longtemps
:-P Happy New Year & Xmas 2 everybody! From: M.Tauheed Saeed Lahore,Pakistan.

Soul Il y  a longtemps
Great wall!! (L) Âåñåëà Êîëåäà è ùàñòëèâà Íîâà ãîäèíà!! -Merry Christmas and a happy New Year in bulgarian :)

tmy Il y  a longtemps
heyy türkçe var olmaz mı

maianh 28 Avril 2008

qubra 9 Novembre 2008
where is "mutlu yıllar" ? :S

Karola 3 Décembre 2008
Wesołych Świąt -it's in Polish:) can't wait to see it in your wallpaper;)

Kyria 7 Décembre 2008
You should place on the hungarian one too: Boldog Karácsonyt

Emily 10 Décembre 2008
Vlad, this is amazing, as usual! I love how your designs are so intricate and detailed! I especially love the fish in this one! Thanks again for another beautiful work of art!

Miky 18 Décembre 2009
Fantastic wallpaper...

Ewa 20 Décembre 2009
why there isn't Wesołych Świąt in polish!! Vlad please change it:*

Dave 24 Décembre 2009
Vlad, Beautiful wallpaper, however, coming from a geographer's viewpoint, the place where many of the greeting extend to is far from accurate. I, too, enjoyed the fish :) Nice touch!

Jakki 18 Septembre 2011
verry good

ebrahem samy 8 Août 2012
جامده جدى

Cyril 30 Décembre 2012
Thank you for this beautiful pic, simply great, Best Wishes to all for this end of year , and happiness :) You can add also Merry Christmas in Chinese 圣诞快乐,:)

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