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The Leaning Tower of Pisa

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Vlad Gerasimov 22 Janvier 2007
Cette idée n'est pas entièrement neuve (je pense avoir vu quelque chose de similaire il  y a longtemps) mais j'espère quand même qu'elle vous plaira !

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Commentaires {38}

mostafa Il y  a longtemps
wow wow pizaaaaaa

Sally Il y  a longtemps
This is my most favoritest wallpaper EVER!! I can't wait until I can see the tower lean in person. I'm going to Europe this Spring. LOVE IT!!

Hope<33 Il y  a longtemps
hey like this << (l) cool(y) yweahhh

Sergio Bonfiglio Il y  a longtemps
Lovely, lovely, lovely. You, Vlad, Great Guy.

i pooted! Il y  a longtemps
i have a leaning tower of pisa snowglobe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

emma Il y  a longtemps
i love the fact that its the tower thats upright and everything else is wrong ;-) another great wallpaper vlad! (Y)

Klaire Il y  a longtemps
molto bello !!! ;-)

David Il y  a longtemps
Nice work Vlad. The famous Wolf (Lupa Capitolina). The statue was made circa 500 B.C. and it used to stand on the Capitoline Hill. Romulus and Remus were added during the Renaissance. The Capitoline Hill (Capitolinus Mons), between the Forum and the Campus Martius, is one of the most famous and smallest of the seven hills of Rome.

Vlad Gerasimov Il y  a longtemps
Nadia, David - I must confess I have never been in Pisa! But I used this photo as reference - and there is a wolf statue there. Matt - thanks! Guess what is he doing there? Blogging! ;-) The wallpaper took about 4 hours to do.

kacenka Il y  a longtemps
I like the idea that the tower is standing upright but the earth is leaning a bit ;-)

Nadia Il y  a longtemps
beautifull but the lupa it is not to Rome? ;-)

none 11 Janvier 2008
it's nice i like it great job Vlad...

THEshiz 9 Juin 2008
i see the blogger leaning on it!!!

****** 14 Juin 2008
I LIKE the way u added the character of "dig it" in this art

giacomo 21 Juillet 2010
Hi...I'm from Pisa, I live there, and I can testify there's a wolf on the top of the pillar!

Карина 31 Mars 2012
Очень люблю Ваши обои, особенно эти и еще Дали. С нетерпением жду от Вас продолжение по мотивам шедевров мировой живописи. Как на счет трех богатырей или Монны Лизы?

out of this world 10 Octobre 2014
and i am looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooov with your art really cooooooooooooooooooool sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet and mind blowing OMG its wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow beautiful picture and really really niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice what can i say for this this picture has to be named like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yes {OUT OF THIS WORLD} plz must read i played lots of your puzzels as named eiman perfect all

bahar matin Il y  a longtemps
i like it! everything is not straight but the pizzzzzzaaaaaaaaaa of florence!!! :-p

God Il y  a longtemps

Rebecksterr Il y  a longtemps
much more better than i can draw...(Y)plus i (L) it!!!!!!

barney Il y  a longtemps

XYT,CHINA Il y  a longtemps

kk Il y  a longtemps

Julia Kneece Il y  a longtemps
I would be so scared at the top of the leaning tower i would totally pee my pants or scream

Anna Il y  a longtemps
Love the useage of blue in this one. It feels very flightly. :-) Bret, Do you realize that these wallpapers are free? And they are considerably high quality by themselves, without payment.

Matt Il y  a longtemps
Intresting concept. I like that color blue :-) I love how you put the little "Digg it" guy at the base of the tower there ;-)

Matt Il y  a longtemps
Also how long did it take you to draw the tower?

arash Il y  a longtemps
That's all GooooooooooooooooooooooD

malibu Il y  a longtemps
zamur4atel'no! ;)

mitra Il y  a longtemps
good (L)

Bret Il y  a longtemps
Why pay for your wallpapers when there are thousands of other sites to get wallpapers for free. I will put this site on my "Do not ever come back" list.

goho4ka 30 Janvier 2008
prikonaaaa.......... mne nravits9!!!!!!!!! ;)

SUNata 3 Juin 2008
потрясная задумка! Ну уж об исполнении можно и не говорить - оно достойно только похвалы

Aurelia 16 Mai 2010
Wow! that so wondurful! i like it! your awsome vlad!

18 Septembre 2011
jak to pobrać

B 10 Mai 2012
pretty and luki

another Vlad 23 Février 2014
great job!

out of this world 10 Octobre 2014
This picture is really ouooooooooooot offfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff this world blue pilar blue sky and a girl flying from a baloon stange totaly strange but this is a really great job i had never seen a pilar like thi in my life. But vlad you did a wonderful job very nice.

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