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Adele Bloch-Bauer I

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Vlad Gerasimov 6 Février 2007
Pour Klimt ! :-)

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Commentaires {28}

mostafa Il y  a longtemps
thank you (Y)

summer Il y  a longtemps
very good!

sajjad Il y  a longtemps
Post modern??;-)

M.Tauheed Il y  a longtemps
I love this one! becoz its Pakistani bloch women's pic. Tell who is a reg user of this site?

shadowman Il y  a longtemps
Hi! How r u? nice site!

M Il y  a longtemps
Wonderful! :-) I love her bracelets. Thanks so much! M.

Lucia Il y  a longtemps
So original ^^

Chris, London Il y  a longtemps
HELP! The picture isn't appearing! (PS: I love your work!)

Cynthia Il y  a longtemps
This Klimt painting is beautiful. Congrats!!! :-)

Erin Il y  a longtemps
How beautiful!! I love your work, and this one is a new favorite. Thank you!!

Janice 8 Février 2008
I love Klimt! More Klimt!! this was such a treat!

melanooo 26 Avril 2008
great! fabolous! perfect!=)))

LooR 19 Novembre 2008
...I just keept rating 5 stars ... but this one is just amazing... Gustav is laughing delighted for sure. You made my day...well night :D Excellent work !!!

maruco 23 Mai 2010

qntaindo 16 Octobre 2011
what is klimt?

Bailbatoora Il y  a longtemps
Another mazing piece of visual art.

Chiemisa Il y  a longtemps
I love Klimt.. and this version of it is great!! I love how you change and simplify artworks to your personal style and yet keep them recognisable... like the mona lisa one as well.

Dumplings Il y  a longtemps
Beautiful!if you paint on the ceramic ,it will be very excellent. my MSN

aitqb Il y  a longtemps
whoooot!!! i like it:)

ivona Il y  a longtemps
hahah you made me laugh..its great how you see a woman!

Arch 93 Il y  a longtemps
Let him rest well! Gustav Klimt is uniqe and forever my favourite Thanx for this lovely work! =)

Karin Il y  a longtemps
Its so beatyful, I love it

Benoit Il y  a longtemps
Your version this Klimt painting is exquisite ! :-O

Klimt Il y  a longtemps
Thank you, its appreciated :-)

Gigih 5 Mars 2008
Salutes to You

Puella 1 Novembre 2008
Ha! Klimt is satisfied, methinks. Great work!

Maryam 5 Janvier 2010
I love your work, they're great, cause you are Great. TNX

Ivor 11 Mars 2010
Excellent. Have you considered anything in the style of Hundertwasser?

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