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Commentaires {23}

billtt Il y  a longtemps
Cute & Cool:) Love it~~

dwinkawatasaki Il y  a longtemps
Hey Vlad, Cool picture with great emotion. Thanks!

Vivek Il y  a longtemps
Color and alignment should be modified !! Cartoons should be more expressive !!

Anish Il y  a longtemps

Yay Il y  a longtemps

hazy dawn Il y  a longtemps
hi, vlad, thanks for taking my opinion into serious consideration. anyway you are very talented (maybe one of the best talented minds I've ever run into), and I am a big fan of you for a very long time. I can help recommending your site to my colleagues all the time.

Vlad Gerasimov Il y  a longtemps
hazy dawn: hey, I overlooked that becayse I am on Mac! (and my icons are on the right). I created reversed version - please see Next wallpaper! Thanks.

Mohammed Korashy Il y  a longtemps
So Beautifull, But I Didn't like using the black for the animals

Ludmila Il y  a longtemps
Maby they will talk about Descartes?

Luke Bacon Il y  a longtemps
ditto it's great but wall clock for Mac would be amazing...!

Jan Kaltoun 16 Février 2008
One of the cutest wallpapers I've ever seen :)... And great for my Mac too. Thank you

AMPIT Il y  a longtemps
It is very good for Mac users. Thanks a lot once more

illdani - Il y  a longtemps
really really genial

son Il y  a longtemps

joe Il y  a longtemps
i love ur wallpapers and thanks alot for not making them lower quality for people who arents registerd like some other crappy sites and this wallpaper is sweet!

Roverge Il y  a longtemps

Justin Il y  a longtemps
neat idea. love the colors.

hazy dawn Il y  a longtemps
it's cute, however, i guess the icons on the desktop will cover the long neck animal. If it stands on the right side, it might be better.

Haz Il y  a longtemps
hazy dawn -> is moving icons to the right side of the screen such a problem? ;) Anyway, wallpaper is nice. I like it :)

Nancy Hanger Il y  a longtemps
Speaking of Macs (btw, love this wallpaper! and my icons are on the right, too!), are you going to get that wall clock done for the Mac? I love the idea and have been checking back often to see if you have us Mac people "done" yet! :-)

feng shaun Il y  a longtemps
coooooool...finally...I was waiting for a new wallpaper for so long :)

owce 11 Janvier 2008
Can I copy this wallpaper?

oscar 11 Avril 2008
superb!!!!!!!!!! excellent!!!!!!!!! love it

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