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La Terre - inversée (sans texte)

La Terre - inversée (sans texte)

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Commentaires {25}

Gareth Il y  a longtemps
thanks a lot vlad it looks so muck better now

humam Il y  a longtemps
wow . ...

air Il y  a longtemps
I can't say anything, because this picture take me a breath.

me Il y  a longtemps
how do you download the low-res free wallpaper?

Koenig Dragon Il y  a longtemps
Îòëè÷íàÿ èäåÿ! Ñïàñèáî.

Josh Clark Il y  a longtemps
Hey this isn't about this wallpaper specifically but I just wanted to say you are AWESOME for adding the option for mobile phone wallpapers! I just got an iPhone and I came to the site thinking I'd have to crop my favorites, but you're already ahead of the game! Another great reason to recommend Vladstudio to my friends!

Hans Elward Il y  a longtemps
Great work Vlad. But 8MB for the 1280x1024 is a bit too much!

Suzana Il y  a longtemps
Love it, Vlad!!! It has an almost 3 dimensional look to it, and I think it would also make an interesting jigsaw puzzle...I really like the textured effect used for the continents and North & South Pole areas. As always, another awesome wallpaper.

Andrew Il y  a longtemps
Thanks for including New Zealand on this version Vlad!!

Shubh 21 Février 2008
Saturn makes me laugh because It looks like its making circiles on a hula hoop

Andrew 3 Juillet 2010
Excellent work. Reminds me of Avatar(Last Airbender)

Cynthia Il y  a longtemps
Awesome! I liked previous one too. I hope all Kiwis (New Zealanders) are happy now!. Thanks Vlad, you're a Genious!

Flo_O Il y  a longtemps

pete Il y  a longtemps
yikes this is worldclass

Sukhum Il y  a longtemps
Hoo. Great....Thank you.

Kasia Il y  a longtemps
Great!! Love it!!

JustMe(: Il y  a longtemps
Vlad, u are fantastic! Every day your new wallpaper is on my desktop background! Amazing! :)

Krysthopher Il y  a longtemps
Está re bueno Vlad!!! Yeah!!!! U'r so Awesome!!!

darthvinyll Il y  a longtemps
is 1280x1024 hi-res unavailable?

Rebekah Il y  a longtemps

TIMOTHY TOW Il y  a longtemps
Vlad, your're my hero!

Vlad Gerasimov Il y  a longtemps
darthvinyll, Hans Elward - oops! 1280x1024 image was corrupted, I fixed that! Thanks.

tcidy 13 Février 2008
does it represent the landscape of the inner side of the earth shell?

Riel981 3 Août 2009
Waw...very Good Vlad..

Zu 3 Janvier 2010
Vlad... I can´t find with this pic the buttom to be able to buy it with free licence.. It´s not possible to do it with all wallpapers? Thanks for your help.

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