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The World (Simplified)

The World (Simplified)

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Commentaires {19}

신여사 29 Mai 2012

Caro 29 Mai 2012
The map is brilliant!!!!!!!

abc 29 Mai 2012
nice wallpapers , nice website

Lisa 30 Mai 2012
This is very pretty. And I like the night version as well. Just a quick question, though. There won't be any more wall clocks? I love those.

Vlad Gerasimov 4 Juin 2012
Lisa - I need a clone of myself to be able to create all the new clocks I want to :-)

Jo 8 Juin 2012
I know it is simplified but am a bit concerned that I have fallen off the map ( New Zealand) along with most of Australia!

Daniel 13 Juin 2012
Adorei o site.... Muito criativo!

09127508581 28 Octobre 2012
nice and very good

Darxicus 16 Mai 2013
I just LOVE triangulation - especially when it meets Vladstudio :)

delfi y loron 21 Avril 2016
y las amlvinas argentinas?

Caro 29 Mai 2012
I love maps too, I love your work. The map is billiant!!!!

Wadjh 29 Mai 2012
Bonjour, Très beau travail ! J'ai beaucoup aussi .

Caro 1 Juin 2012
would be great in your style screen savers of the harpy eagle, red panda, the quetzal, jaguar, spiny dragon and squirrel monkey

buleria 2 Juin 2012
Вот он, чистейший кубизм!!!!

Lisa 4 Juin 2012
Oh, I understand, Vlad. Been having the same issues myself. When you do find how to clone yourself, let me know! ;)

fdhtrdytry 12 Juin 2012

Daniel Heslop 7 Novembre 2012

mj 20 Avril 2014
its my favorite place in world!!!!

Desi Vigil 21 Janvier 2015
Great Work, love coming back to see what you're up too

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