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Où les sourires d'Halloween sont nés

Où les sourires d'Halloween sont nés

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Commentaires {28}

Ray 17 Octobre 2012
WICKED WALLPAPER!!!! THIS IS THE BEST ever! Please please please make more for halloweeen!

lock 17 Octobre 2012
Wow! :)

Michelle Cook 17 Octobre 2012
Again your talent amazes me! Downloading now! :)

tmhieu 17 Octobre 2012
nice one :-)

Gretchen K Wingert 17 Octobre 2012
Wonderful Halloween wallpaper! I had been waiting for a new one. Thank you!

Sukeshi 17 Octobre 2012

Caro 19 Octobre 2012
Genial, fantástico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, in Mexico celebrate Day of the Dead, perhaps a wallpaper on this Latin tradition I would be more than super!!!

Aud 26 Octobre 2012
Wonderfully spooky!

Anar 29 Octobre 2012
Halloween night :))

chichini 3 Novembre 2012
oh its so wonderful i like this:**

Namaskar 24 Novembre 2012
Absolutely love all your where ______ are born series. Just the best!

marie guimont 1 Novembre 2013
Hi don't know how to make this my desktop Wall paper with Google Chrome! Thanks.

Ricardo 25 Décembre 2014
This is such a great wallpaper! Love it. Thanks Vlad.

iphonewallco 2 Octobre 2015
Hi Vlad, I'd love to use this on if you are interested? Let me know.

Christian Coppini 17 Octobre 2012

marie guimont 17 Octobre 2012
Il est magnifique :)

Tamalita 17 Octobre 2012
Awesome~~~Thank you so much :)

Elisabetta Manuele 17 Octobre 2012
Wow, jaw-dropping! Thanks, keep up the good work! :)

Andrew Hintz 17 Octobre 2012
Very cool! Been a while since I used one of your wallpapers, but this definitely gets desktop space for the next couple of weeks!

Michael Schramm 17 Octobre 2012
Very nice your wallpaper. Thank you!

roberta 17 Octobre 2012
my new favorite Halloween wallpaper!

Julia 21 Octobre 2012
This is really lovely, in the spookiest way possible. Thank you!

tamalita 28 Octobre 2012
i love love love love this!! awesome as always. thank you!

Andy 31 Octobre 2012

George Mariot 4 Novembre 2012
The design follows "your" concept.That's what i love in all your creations.Your different, sensitive and unconventional approach for every one of them! Thanks again.

pratima 12 Novembre 2013
its really awesome

Sherryl Arber 9 Octobre 2014
I Love this site and this holi

Василиса 30 Septembre 2015
Привет, Владик, мы с тобой у Ольги Ивановны в музыкалке вместе учились когда-то ;) Ещё Маша Пакулова, помнишь? Мы с ней дружим до сих пор, она живет в Чикаго и недавно вышла замуж. И да, ещё - мне очень нравятся ваши обои!

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