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Commentaires 41

Andrew Ushkov · 17 Juillet 2008

maxim shevertalov · 17 Juillet 2008
Very cool. I love watching lightning during a thunderstorm.

Mindy Johnston · 17 Juillet 2008
that's an amazing photo.

Christina (Australia) · 17 Juillet 2008
Great image, well captured. That great force from the sky above is always so exhilarating to watch..thanks vlad xo

Gašper Jamšek · 17 Juillet 2008
Very nice! Just a suggestion - perhaps you could do world in climate crysis ;) - as attacked by a weather... well - otherwise - very good photo, congrats!

Sakura · 17 Juillet 2008
Nice one. Greetings

LucasDT · 17 Juillet 2008
I'm not buying it... you draw that!

.c · 17 Juillet 2008
В руках мастера даже обычные вещи - шедевр!

Philip P. · 18 Juillet 2008
SHWEET! That is awesomeness in the extreme, Vlad! Amazing capture.

Andrew Domaracki · 18 Juillet 2008
Really like this one! Thanks Vlad!

Aidolar · 18 Juillet 2008
хорошая обоина!обязательно поставлю на рабочий стол! но вот трубу ТЭЦ надо было все таки замазать=)

Ernst-Georg Lorinser · 18 Juillet 2008
WOW - just like ever pice of your art! I love taking pictures is thunderstorms too, thus I would be interessted in the settings of your EOS 400d - as I own one myselfe ;-) THX for delivering us with all this great stuff!

Clark Fleischauer · 19 Juillet 2008
Awesome shot!!!

Catchick · 27 Juillet 2008
This is cool because it also looks like the tentacles of a jellyfish -- could of named it Jellyfish. Don't know if you want inspiration -- but jellyfish are pretty neat looking. Greetings from Idaho, U.S.A! (I felt the need to say that like everyone else).

Arnold · 23 Août 2008
As always... Love your, and in this case, natures work. Best money I've ever spent! Your best ones have inspired a couple of tunes.

alvaro · 30 Août 2008

~fez~ from that 70 show! · 14 Septembre 2008
why do we have to $pay$ to see art? its dumb.

katrinne · 19 Septembre 2008
this isn't nice.... It's fantastic I love it :D thank you very much vlad.!

Michelle · 22 Août 2009
It would be neat if you could blend this beautiful picture with your other picture of the "Lightbulb" staring into the night, but either way they are both gorgeous.

· 2 Octobre 2010
la foto es genoial impresionante

Juliet (Where's Romeo?) · 17 Juillet 2008
How impressive!! Really looks like made in photoshop ;-)

Arthur Meerwijk · 17 Juillet 2008
The little chimney at the bottom is a nice touch. :-) I would be really impressed if you set up the camera to capture that tiny detail on purpose...

Kareem Khazem · 17 Juillet 2008
Really beautiful. Some of the bolts look so fragile and tenuous... lovely!

Davidz · 17 Juillet 2008

Arthur Pustynin · 17 Juillet 2008
Очень красивое фото.

ФСБ · 17 Juillet 2008
Настоящая. Фото взято на экспертизу

PeTe · 17 Juillet 2008
amazingly powerful photo vlad! i quite like Gasper Jamsek's (sorry i can find the accents!) ideaof having the world in a weather crysis like in the day after tomorrow, that was a good film.

MDV · 17 Juillet 2008
А трубы Иркутской ТЭЦ для реалистичности оставили?

Leti · 18 Juillet 2008

Suzana · 18 Juillet 2008
WOW!!! Electrically beautiful!!!

oMac · 18 Juillet 2008
Que genial la tormenta...Aquí en mi tierra es dificil ver algo asi.

Anastasia · 18 Juillet 2008
Really looks like made in Photoshop. Great photo!!! :-)

Anastasia · 18 Juillet 2008
A pipe of a power proves that it's 100% photo! ;-)

marcus · 18 Juillet 2008
Should it not be better if the picture is called LIGHTNING instead of THUNDER. Otherwise it's just a great wall again, thx vlad! Greetings from Ostend,Belgium.

rozeta · 22 Juillet 2008
hi vlad! this is really beautiful .. i wanted to ask - do you know Tiger Lillies band? I heard they are very popular in your country. Could you make a wallpaper with them? They are very interesting in visual view :-)

Xavier Robin · 28 Juillet 2008
Too bad the chimneys :(

GC · 9 Août 2008
As always... Love your, and in this case, natures work. Best money I've ever spent! Your best ones have inspired a couple of tunes. Keep it up. GC, North Carolina, USA PS Would love to see some Olympic stuff.

Loic Hesling · 14 Septembre 2008
Very nice, i don't regret my lifetime register !

viki · 10 Avril 2009
imádo a mangákat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ez igaz!!!!!!!!!!

Arika) · 21 Novembre 2009
Ооооооооохоохо:)))))))) Она просто великолепна!!:)) Маэстро, я у ваших ног:)))

ZENN441 · 8 Février 2010
Do this in black.So that it will be like as if the screen is cracking

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