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Rock Carvings

Rock Carvings

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Commentaires {36}

Pink Floyd Il y  a longtemps

oblomow Il y  a longtemps
its great

Anna Il y  a longtemps
Reminds me of my work! (I'm a cave guide, hehe.) I do adore your work, but I think you should have pushed the wall back a little, and made the floor a tad less textured, to give it that true cave-y feel, and enhance the size of the "cavern". Other than that, looks great! Very mysterious.

U-Gokh Il y  a longtemps
WOW!! WOW!! that's really coool...

choldmhist Il y  a longtemps
reminds me of the Allegory of the Cave. always a pleasure coming to your site. hope you don't mind, i use your wallpapers for my blog's background. Bravo, Vlad.

DrunkBuddy Il y  a longtemps
Put some of this on HQ for free plz....

speedy Il y  a longtemps
dudeeee this is so awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Aparna Il y  a longtemps
Beautiful! Mysterious and heart-winning at the same time :-) Love this one! (L)

Del Mac Il y  a longtemps
Like it, without the light would be great. No with spot...

Don Il y  a longtemps
Oh, that's brill! Good job, mate.

Maryland Il y  a longtemps
Magnificent Vlad -- you have a remarkable gift. =)

Charles Il y  a longtemps
Wow Cool~! Good boy Good Job

fan Il y  a longtemps
This is the Vlad I liked originally, welcome back man and keep up the great work (Y)

AnamCara Il y  a longtemps
I just love your work!

ur momma 6 Mars 2008
crappy get some skill

Grace 4 Mai 2009
I love this one! Spectacular job

7 Novembre 2009
really amazing wallpapers! :) this one means: you're the biggest enemy/problem of yourself (or source of fear for yourself) ;)

Toma Il y  a longtemps
âàó!!!:-0 î÷åíü î÷åíü!!!êëàññíî

Bob Il y  a longtemps
this one is great. One of your best^^

Matt Il y  a longtemps
Vlad- That shadow is amazing, I mean I know you can just make a slightly transparent black but that looks so real.. I'm stunned

Faruk Il y  a longtemps
thank you, very nice.

ribbot Il y  a longtemps
Hey, that little guy with the mohawk is in telescope too

Sergio Bonfiglio Il y  a longtemps
Beautiful. I agree that it is one of your best.

Richard Il y  a longtemps
My favorite.

M Il y  a longtemps
This is perfect! I love the repetition of the figure in the shadow and the "carvings". :-)

Andrey Il y  a longtemps
Oh... It's excellent!!! (Y)

Waterlilly Il y  a longtemps
Oh! it's very good & gothic! I love it! Thanks? Vlad))))

Cynthia Il y  a longtemps
Just wonderful! Thanks Vlad.

Paris Il y  a longtemps
Keep going Vlad ... Your wallpapers are on my desktop for about 2 years now .I m waiting something with summer mood as here in greece we have SUMER SUMER SUMER !!!!! :-D ;-)

kenzo Il y  a longtemps
it's cool!

Georges G. Hayek Il y  a longtemps
Dark side.... I likeee...!! ;-)

ixiel Il y  a longtemps
Sooooooooo Cooooooooool!! I likeyyy!

Aldrine 9 Mars 2008
how can i make this a background at friendster??

Andreia 22 Juillet 2008
Seu trabalho é belíssimo!

blob 30 Janvier 2010

Harish 25 Mars 2013
All of your creation's are meaningful and full of life.

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