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Malevich - Black Square

Malevich - Black Square

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Commentaires {33}

vicky Il y  a longtemps
;-) like it a lot

derya Il y  a longtemps
a formation of boundless childish dreams and a great art. you must have a great imagination.

多多 Il y  a longtemps

Dariusz Il y  a longtemps
super art poprostu swietne

Jair Il y  a longtemps
Awesome! Great tribute to the artist!!!!

melanie Il y  a longtemps
pay for a wallpaper?!?! what the hell!

sajjad Il y  a longtemps
mamad jooon hameye in ha kare khode vlade. :-D

Zille Il y  a longtemps
So nice!! ^^ (L)

3za Il y  a longtemps
Loved it! soon i'll write another poem inspired by this picture in my

Griever Il y  a longtemps
Hey I know that guy! We're studying Abstract Art at the moment and we did a piece on him.

Sotomayor Il y  a longtemps
Hey! that's awesome and really funny at the time wow did you recreate the Black Square painting from Malevich U ROCK SIR!!!! Continue that way U're the best!!! :-) :-D (Y)

Justin Il y  a longtemps
not familiar with the artist, but i still like it. nice work vlad.

William Brovelli 25 Mai 2008
Nice! Check out Vincent Como ... He does black squares, he won the Myartspace 2007 NY NY jurried competition.

Белладонна 25 Août 2008
Здорово! У тебя много интересных идей.

mwoffle 29 Juillet 2009
oh, and melanie and jac, you don't HAVE to pay. and stop swearing!

momo 3 Novembre 2009
That's good 5 Juillet 2010

Avril 10 Octobre 2011

Vaida Il y  a longtemps
Best wishes from lithuanian girls, who realy love your creative, simple and lovely pictures!

Shanshugirl Il y  a longtemps
I have had one of your imaged on my desktop for about 6 months & I love it!! Its not an easy thing to straddle he divide between work with integrity & work that people love .. but you manage it ... keep it up !!

mmelavic Il y  a longtemps
Love it - and intrigued w/ the artists name....wondering if mine is the Americanized version.

Jac Il y  a longtemps
This site sux we aint going to make canvas of these wallpapers so why pay

Mohammed Korashy Il y  a longtemps
How I can get wallpapers for this artist, Please?:-)

huahua Il y  a longtemps
I googled it~and got some information thanks for making me to learn, with fun.

urszULA Il y  a longtemps
pozdrowienia z Polski!:)POLAND LOVE VLADSTUDIO:)

Uday Il y  a longtemps

M Il y  a longtemps
Clever and endearing as usual. :-) Another very nice work. (Y) Thank you!

Nirmalya Il y  a longtemps
just loved it...thanks Vlad! (Y)

Effdokia 16 Janvier 2008
Huh......that's pretty surprising you don't know Malevich...even shocking. As for Vlad's creative work - it's great. Prosto super, raboty takie ostroumnye, 4to kazhdy raz nachodish dlya sebya 4to-nibud' novenkoye!

ghazal 21 Septembre 2008
ohhhh!it's my favorite!soo beautiful

mwoffle 29 Juillet 2009
love your work vlad! ever since I discovered your site i have always used only your wallpapers. they never cease to blow me away!

Julius 14 Avril 2010
Vlad è un artista migliore di Malevic.

Stefano 15 Avril 2011
"...tribute to another great artist!" Well, "another" refers to the great artist we all know: Vlad :)

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