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Commentaires {50}

Gregory 24 Août 2009
First :). Beautiful as always... I will immediately change my desktop (Proud - by you :)) for this :). Thank you!

Kelcey 24 Août 2009
Describe it as beautiful Vlad, it truly is:)

Teresa Marques 24 Août 2009
So so beautiful... :)

ChristineA 24 Août 2009
Ohhh! How beautiful! This is a definite keeper. Thanks so much Vlad! :D

Barb 25 Août 2009
Beautiful as always! I love the deep colors and contrasts.

shay 25 Août 2009
As everyone else is saying, beautiful colours! I especially like the background. Very nice design :)

Sharon Robak 25 Août 2009
Another masterpiece!!!

Olivier Tristan 25 Août 2009
And I don't like it, I do love it

Justin Murray 25 Août 2009
i like the background of this wallpaper....maybe you could just release the background in couple of different colors?

Kadri K. 26 Août 2009
So beautiful, Vlad! The background contrasts looks really fresh, and the details in the wings and tail of the hummingbird are cute and funny :)

Nidnoi 27 Août 2009
Very good

Rachel 28 Août 2009
The feathers are so pretty! I love the way It's kind of abstract. The backround is cool to :) . I love the rich shadded colors in the bird. It's my new wallpaper :) . Good job

Poland 29 Août 2009
Beautiful Vlad. So beautiful...

Daerwen 1 Septembre 2009
I realy like the background and colours, good work

hélène 16 Septembre 2009
magnifique!!! jtm vladstudio

lili 26 Septembre 2009
tros beau c 'est merveille !?!?!?!?!?

27 Septembre 2009

akrvthri 20 Octobre 2009
very cute

12 Janvier 2010
soo beautiful and verry clear,good product

noura 26 Avril 2010
i really like this one, little medieval with the small circular details!!

Geoff Gilbert 19 Septembre 2011
Thank you for fixing phone size links!

bobo 10 Novembre 2011
cool 8 Mai 2012
Love all the wallpapers

Robin Ferrell 18 Avril 2013
I so enjoy all your artwork - and love being able to use as my clock!!

Brenda. Rios. 1 Avril
Brenda. Rios

Jaideep Nadkarni 24 Août 2009
Deep rich colours, that's what really caught my attention at first sight. Beautiful bird and flowers too...

SGI 24 Août 2009
A lovely one, beautiful colours, and fun to jigsaw

Hoang Trong Tien 24 Août 2009
it looks like one in a samsung's advertisement

Martin Stružský 24 Août 2009
I really like the deep yet vivid colors... Good job! 8-)

ojler 25 Août 2009

destiny 25 Août 2009
just amazing :) lovin' it, thanx

Christina (Australia) 25 Août 2009
Oh i love it, very much...sooo pretty x

Tusnelda 25 Août 2009
Beautiful as always! Thanks, Vlad!

elena 25 Août 2009
Великолепно! У Вас всегда восхитительные идеи!!! БРАВО и СПАСИБО!!!!

Vialetka 26 Août 2009
так сочно))

Gabriele Pentland 26 Août 2009
what a pleasant pictures, i love it

raimonda 27 Août 2009
the most amazing wallpaper made by you (I'm a romantic person, so...)!!! I cannot stop looking at it, I just sit here and adore it :)))

bunykinz 28 Août 2009
beautiful and colorful...another to add to my collection of Vlad-papers :) thanks and keep up the great work!

AMPIT 1 Septembre 2009
I Like it very much, s always. Thanks.

zomara 6 Septembre 2009
Oh i love it, very much...sooo pretty x

18 Septembre 2009
Great works! Thanks Vlad!

23 Septembre 2009

Mariya K-W 3 Octobre 2009
I just lose myself in these colours.. Great as always, nevermind the critics!

오스만 6 Décembre 2009
좋네요..ㅋㅋ 20 Mars 2010
simplicity and beautiful always together

SAMIR 14 Juin 2010

Ffjjjj 23 Août 2011

Patty 7 Décembre 2011
Absolutely love this one. It is my iPad background. You are an amazing artist. Thank you for sharing these with us all! It is very much appreciated and enjoyed!

Célia 26 Juin 2013
Eu adorei os cartões, são lindo!

Soumen 3 Mars 2014
very nice..

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