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Drops (Gold)

Drops (Gold)

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Commentaires {14}

Pilar 19 Novembre 2011
My favourites colors. Thanks a lot

Tusnelda 19 Novembre 2011
Your Drops are all wonderful like always! Thanks Vlad!

Robin 20 Novembre 2011
What a simple thing!

Robin 20 Novembre 2011
The entire series is very simple.

Andy 28 Novembre 2011
Masterpiece :)

Johnny 6 Décembre 2011
Думаю, будет отлично смотреться в OS Ubuntu

Dominique 21 Mars 2012
A little disappointed that they doesn't exist in 2560x1400x2 (1 & 2)

tamalita 19 Novembre 2011
love it! just coming in looking for something autumn-ish and this works perfectly :) thank you!

cineai 19 Novembre 2011
Drop series is very cool : )

ChristineA 19 Novembre 2011
The gold is my favorite I think. :) Thanks so much Vlad!

az43 27 Novembre 2011
b6n5t6 5nd63e

Blanca 29 Novembre 2011
Not to tell you not have told you and others, your creations are so fantastic that I am totally amazed. regards

Vlad Gerasimov 21 Mars 2012
Dominique: oops, I forgot to add 2560x1400x2 - did it now!

Kev 31 Octobre 2015
Hmmm i think the minutes are missing!!!

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