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Commentaires {32}

mostafa Il y  a longtemps
(L) Beautiful this pic . I LOVE IT . good

N.I.K Il y  a longtemps
nice idea vlad (Y) ... i like your work soooooo much ... keep going :-)

Dumplings Il y  a longtemps
How beautiful!how I envy you!

Ghada Il y  a longtemps
YOU ROCK !!!! u r simply the best ! and i love ur tutorials as well they r awesome ! (Y) (L)

Alex Sifuentes Il y  a longtemps
Bien!!! linda forma de homenaje a Dalí.

Lauren Il y  a longtemps
HOW do you come up with this stuff? :) Beautiful!

brianna* Il y  a longtemps
:-O LindisisisisismoooOo woOoow (Y)

Monikin Il y  a longtemps is the best wallpaper page on internet, are original and pretty ... im in love with this page XD

Cynthia Il y  a longtemps
I just can't get enough of your wp! They are awesome. What talented artist you're. Thanks heaps! You just made my day. Congrats. PD: Any tutorials coming soon?

coyote Il y  a longtemps
Wonderful!! I can't begin to explain how beautiful this look! Thanks, Vlad :)

kahi Il y  a longtemps
Yeah, Dalí is great source of inspiration...

Jason Il y  a longtemps
Another reason to support VLAD for a lifetime. I can't wait until one day these cartoon characters make it to the big screen. Keep up the good work! Respect!

Katty 27 Janvier 2008

winny 17 Mars 2008
Thank you so much for the sharing!! IT looks so cute and funny!!

Robert Marton 11 Janvier 2009
Dali is my favourit painter! You have a unique vision, just like Dali! In a different, but unique way! Vlad, you're my favorite 'painter' too :D Keep up the good work!

César Eduardo Aguilera 3 Janvier 2011
I'm very happy about having bought the membership to this page! Definitely the BEST and MOST Creative wallpapers on the web :) I love it!

tmy Il y  a longtemps
who drawn this picture? please please write me..this actions are absolutely great!! we admire you!

Sara Il y  a longtemps
(L) I love it!!! Vlad you are the guy... Congratulations!!! (L) (L) (L) (L) (L) (L) (L) (L) (L) (L) (L) (L) (L) (L) (L)

Yo Il y  a longtemps
I'm glad that you copied Salvador Dali.

szekelya Il y  a longtemps
Cool. The original is hanging on my wall. OK, unfortunately not that original, but a poster of the original. :)

destiny Il y  a longtemps
if anybody else has done this to dalis painting it would be an offence, but you... amazing!

Justin Il y  a longtemps
Great coloring on this one Vlad. What brush setting do you use in photoshop?

Omid Il y  a longtemps
Wonderful Vlad is that guy with the camera you?

BBKZ Il y  a longtemps
I don't know what to write. All your pictures are amazing. I like these with giraffes the most ;) (these are my favorite animals)... but with every new wallpaper I say: wow!! :D Thank you for sharing your talent :) You're amazing!

Vlad Gerasimov Il y  a longtemps
Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!

Câline Il y  a longtemps

Anna Il y  a longtemps
Wonderful work! I've been wondering if you'd take an interest in Dali's work. Marvelous. Excellent depiction of the elephants

Outis Il y  a longtemps
Wonderful artworks! Thanks Vlad for your inspiring ideas!! Cheers :-)

Duarte 2 Avril 2008
Great tribute to my favorite painter. Btw congratulations Vlad, you are one of the best graphic designers out there.

Caligula19 18 Novembre 2009
Thanks for all of the wonderful pictures, I have enjoyed them for years!

ske4 9 Avril 2010
%90 из всех обоев - шедевр, но Дали увидеть не ожидал, круто

Shay 14 Décembre 2011
Nice! =)

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