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Cathedrals: Sagrada Família, Barcelona

Cathedrals: Sagrada Família, Barcelona

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Commentaires {20}

Mike Il y  a longtemps
...and St. Vitus Cathedral is the largest and the most important temple in Prague :-).

bpeople Il y  a longtemps
My family lives in Barcelona. I'm sure this's going to like them. Happy New Year Vlad!

Sergio Sotomayor Il y  a longtemps
What's up! hey i went to that one and it's impressive i only wanted to tell you that it would be nice if you could make the Chartres Cathedral (France) because it's said that its the tallest gothic cathedral in France.....thanks :D Merci & S'il Vous Plaît!! :D

dima 4 Janvier 2008
Vlad, how 'bout St. Vladimir Cathedral in Chersonesos - the cradle of christianity to Rus'? :) (

maneli 17 Janvier 2008
you are great man!

ido 23 Février 2008

Gerard 6 Août 2009
I wouldn't go as far as saying that the incorrect location is an insult, but Barcelona should indeed be further up on the map. Wonderful wallpaper otherwise :)

DOYANA 27 Octobre 2009

Carlos 12 Mai 2013
Get over yourselves......Catalonia is Spain!

Catherine Il y  a longtemps

Dusty Il y  a longtemps
Great Wallpapers Vlad! Happiest New Year Ever! Besos.

idin Il y  a longtemps
happy new year vlad... i have best wishes for you...

Amber Il y  a longtemps
Happy new year, Vlad! It's nice to see the new wallpaper, I like Antoni Gaudí too! Wish you will have a great year of 2008 :-)

Leti 4 Janvier 2008
Beautiful!!! Happy New Year!

Cynthia 4 Janvier 2008
Very nice! Wonderful work! Thanks for sharing with us. All the best for 2008 and year to come.

dima 4 Janvier 2008
(plz copy-paste the above link or it won't work)

Catalunya is not Spain 20 Janvier 2008
The situation of Barcelona in the map is not correct, agggghhh

Miquel 3 Mai 2008
The situation of Barcelona in the map is not correct !!! You've put Barcelona in Valencia instead of Catalunya !!! Correct that inmediately, it seems an insult to Catalonians !!!

John 16 Juillet 2010
Bless our life

shima 22 Septembre 2010
veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy fantastic!!!

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