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Bound 3

Bound 3

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Commentaires {23}

Sebastian Il y  a longtemps
Mystery and Power

Kruppt Il y  a longtemps
Kool Paper Kruppt

Trisha Il y  a longtemps
(N)sry i dont really like it the blue streaks should be more blended

Jannel Il y  a longtemps
I think this is awesome. It really caught my attention.

David Il y  a longtemps
I think it would be neat to remove the talisman (sp?) so we can catch a glimpse of the beautiful background. Nice wallpaper. You are very talented, Vlad.

Noelle Il y  a longtemps
You know how to capture the surreal life without killing it for the sake of art or science. Excellent job. I support you completely.

ryan Il y  a longtemps
i think it the best one yet:-)(y)

Sneha Il y  a longtemps

Lasse Havelund Il y  a longtemps
Very neat.

Saumitra Il y  a longtemps
You da man Vlad!! :D

Jaideep Il y  a longtemps
Simply perfect (Y) :-)

Z-Dawg Il y  a longtemps
I (L) this one! I give it a (Y)!!! Totally AWESOME :-)

Tom 3 Février 2011

sajjad(سجا Il y  a longtemps
والا ما که نفهمیدیم این چیه .. اما هر چی هست زیباست... I can't understand what is that...but.. however it is beutiful

MikeV Il y  a longtemps
Al of your work is just AMAZING! I found your site about 6 months ago and I don't use anything but your artwork on my PC and I've recieved great compliments.... I tell them all "Ya got to check it out" Hey man... I plan on purchasing a membership to your site soon. Once I get out of the poor house. Your work is WELL worth it. Keep up the great work. UNREAL Bro!!! Mike

FaRsHaD Il y  a longtemps
TooooOOOOOOoooooP~~~~~~I LoVe IT

xenon Il y  a longtemps
ıt s good

Smoked Sausage Log Il y  a longtemps
Its 2 fishies!!

aydin Il y  a longtemps
good very good it is amazing

Justin Il y  a longtemps
wow! how did you create the actual background. not the talisman...i know you traced that, but the blue background is awesome! i wouldnt mind a semi-tutorial on how you created it. ;-)

drew Il y  a longtemps
its good

مهرا Il y  a longtemps
Unbelievable (Y) I'm Lovin' it (L)

JohnnyBoy 19 Mars 2011
This looks awesome on my iPhone. It would be great to have a red version for the lock screen!

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