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Ho ho ho, happy 2016!

{30 Décembre 2015}

Despite not updating for almost 2 years (which is almost lifetime for a web site), I still receive many emails from visitors - some with questions, some (still) with compliments. Thank you for all your emails! I'd like to shed some light on my life these two years.

Well, it's changed.

First, I finally learnt the sad truth that I would not be able to continue doing all the things that I was doing and be a good father at the same time. I had to say "no" to some things - and my emotional inability to say "no" led to a very serious stress. And at some point, I said "no" to almost every project, including, as you noticed, "not now" for Vladstudio website. Seeing how projects fall out of my hands, I dropped them all and said "hi" to depression.

Luckily, I was soon picked up by my friend who suggested her boss to hire me as a designer. I've been working with them ever after, currently developing educational software for 4-6 year old kids. This changed my life in two ways. First, we moved from Irkutsk to Moscow, because, well, why not? And second, I now work from office, not from home, or co-working, or rented apartment. Both office and remote work have their pros and cons, but I am definitely in the part of my life where office work is better choice.

I only have positive things to say about the company I work for. It is probably not ideal (as there is no such thing), but I have the awesomest boss ever! and the company has a worthy mission. I spend much less time actually drawing, and more time thinking, analysing and communicating - probably that's what I missed as a free-lancer / wallpaper artist!

I do not say "good bye" to Vladstudio website and wallpapers, however. I like to think of having an extended break, and I reserve the right to draw a new wallpaper at any time :-) Right now, my current job occupies me completely, and honestly - it is so great to be occupied by only one project, not five or ten!

Finally, I wanted to say thanks to everyone who visited my website and emailed me even though I was quiet. Thank you, happy holidays, and happy 2016 year!

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Commentaires {43}

Bram Kaandorp 30 Décembre 2015
And a happy new year to you and yours. It's great to hear that things are going well.

Mihály 30 Décembre 2015
Happy new year Vlad! So great to hear your story and glad you did not give up vladstudio! Your drawings and work are awesome! Thank you for that! Happy 2016!

Daniele Mambelli 30 Décembre 2015
Happy to ear some good words from you... Only one thing: All the best for you and your family! Hope to see some works from you next year... Happy 2016 too ;)

Sasho Zahariev 30 Décembre 2015
We wish you a bright New Year, just like every year you have brightened in our lifes. Thank you!

Ian 31 Décembre 2015
All the best to you Vlad, your wallpapers have brought me joy

Traci York 1 Janvier 2016
I'm so happy you've been able to say, "goodbye" to your depression, and "hello" to such an amazing job! Bright New Year's blessings to you and your family!

Valerio 6 Janvier 2016
Thanks from Italy

Alison 11 Janvier 2016
As a fellow sufferer of depression (17 years) I understand how difficult it is to juggle several jobs/tasks at the same time. I am very pleased to hear that you are feeling better and would like to wish you a happy and healthy 2016. I look forward to seeing your new pictures when you find the time. :)

Anita 24 Janvier 2016
We're waiting patiently! :D

Kelcey 25 Janvier 2016
So glad to see you have made it through the rain and are doing well. Best of luck for the new year:)

Ginny Vincent 30 Janvier 2016
So happy to hear of your adventures...enjoy life. I still enjoy every inch of your art ... but am most pleased that you are happy.

George 6 Février 2016
Thank you for all the works you've made! Your wallpapers make my work hours brighter and more colorful. Wish you success!

J&F 16 Février 2016
Dear Vlad, I've been following your website since the beginning. I enjoyed your wallpapers for many years, always the free ones as I had no money to share at that time. Money is not an issue anymore, but time is now a precious (and rare) resource. You seem to be at the same place in life... I'll keep a bookmark of Vlad studio for sure. If one day you have time and inspiration to draw a new one, it will be a pleasure for a lot of people around the world. Your graphic poetry has given peace and joy for so many... I wish you the best for the future. Sincerely, J&F, from Montréal, Québec, Canada.

Marek 14 Avril 2016
Dear Vlad, I am a member for 3 or more years now and I still use your wallpapers on the laptop and all my mobile devices. I wish you all the best! Many greetings from Germany! Marek

Jerica 18 Avril 2016
Hello from the U.S.A! I still have Vladstudio bookmarked on my computer, so I check it out every few months or so. Glad to hear that your career is doing well! Now that I know you've not abandoned design altogether, I look forward to seeing another wallpaper from you again.... whenever you think the timing is right.

Miri Ussher 31 Mai 2016
You are are awesome Vlad. And a smart man to take the course of action you have. - Miri from New Zealand. BTW. apparently the movie Hunt For the Wilder People in cinemas is a must see for those who love NZ scenery and culture. X

Punya 24 Juillet 2016
Greeting from India. Love your work. It's so refreshing and different. Subtle, yet with a story. Glad to see you grow personally. All the best.

William Dixon 17 Novembre 2016
Well done Vlad!

Keith Hopkins 26 Décembre 2016
Vlad, Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Your artwork lives on through your website and wallpapers for many to discover and enjoy. I continue to share your beautiful artwork with others and always find plenty to enjoy from within the archives. Take care of yourself and your family first and foremost. Love what you do, love others, pray for peace. Kind regards, K. Kevin Hopkins

Jo 29 Avril 2017
Good to know all is okay. Hope to see a new wall paper one day again....

Frank Stjerne 7 Juillet 2017
The most important thing in life is to be happy. I'm so glad that you are happy now. You are a fantastic artist and I'm am a big fan. Take your time. Make some new wallpapers when you feel positive and feel you have the time for it. Your are the best!

Philip Beck 21 Septembre 2017
Hey Vlad - congrats on the new job (I know its now really new, just recent). And of course I always love your wallpapers - I love the whimsy - they make me smile which no other wallpaper does. I understand the depression - believe me!

Daniel 30 Décembre 2015
Great to hear that you are doing well. Sometimes it can be a bit worrying when a once busy website goes inactive for a long time. I look forward to any new wallpapers you may make, when you have time for them of course. :)

Harry Wagendorp 30 Décembre 2015
Thanks, and also a happy new year to you. Pleased to read that you're going well now.

Jan Kalina 30 Décembre 2015
I know that work on many things in parallel, deal with red tape and bills as freelancer and last but not least be with the loved ones can spread you thin, stress you and cause exhaustion which seems to be beyond any limits. I am glad that things are getting better and I wish You and yours all the best in 2016.

DevinT 1 Janvier 2016
Dear Vlad, thanks for all the wallpapers along the years. I too know from experience what it's like to be freelance-stressed, and I'm happy you worked things out for the better. Be well and do whatever you like doing! :)

Cole Tuininga 5 Janvier 2016
It's so important to have a good balance between "work" and "life - I'm happy to hear that you sound like you're starting to find that place for yourself. I've loved your artwork - I hope to see more some day, but for now I offer best wishes for a happy life. :)

Daniele Mambelli 11 Janvier 2016
Happy birthday! One day later...

Иван 18 Janvier 2016
Влад, возвращайтесь сюда хоть иногда с новыми тепло-настроительными обоями. Замечательные же и очень вдохновляющие.

лио 26 Janvier 2016
All the best from Australia! Your wallpapers bring everyday joy to our family!

Seckin 30 Janvier 2016
Greetings from Turkey, I was wondering if you helped/inspired or even designed the cards for the card game "Dixit" ? They really look like your works.

Lim Lian Tze 14 Février 2016
I'm happy for you! Thank you for all the wallpapers and clocks. Everyone deserves happiness, including you and your family.

roberta 16 Février 2016
glad to hear everything is good, everybody needs a break! good luck and thanks for all the good art.

Jennifer Bishop 21 Février 2016
Vlad, be well. Family is the most important thing! Your fans will always be here.

Tamara 12 Avril 2016
Vlad, I loved what you said about "in the part of my life where office work is better choice." Our lives go through many seasons, and I'm so grateful that for a season you created this lovely website and shared so much of your work with us. Your work has always been inspirational to me since I discovered you while I was a student graphic designer. I continue to check back here because it makes me happy to look at your work, and I'm glad to know that you're in a good space for yourself and your family at this time. No doubt you'll have other adventures in your life and the season for free-lancing will come around again! Good luck with all your endeavors!

Andreea 17 Mai 2016
Wish you all the best, and glad to see your words here. I keep coming back here for wallpapers, and glad to see you didn`t give up on this project. I have been using them for so so many years, and they are still the ones that bring me the most joy when i see them in the background at work or home :)

Zach 12 Juillet 2016
I have been following your website for quite a while. I drop in to check things out and look for a new wallpaper when I get a new device - tablet, phone, whatever. People always comment on selections. Sometimes, it definitely helps to have a separation between "work" and "home". I'm glad things are looking up, and I look forward to whatever your future publishing efforts may bring.

Nate 10 Septembre 2016
Great to see some updates. I've always considered this site to be THE GO-TO site for wallpaper and occasionally I get to turn friends onto it. Keep on rocking!!

Nate 14 Janvier 2017
Hi! Vlad! Just want to say that you've been such a hug inspiration to me, you works are cool, and I would say, it touches the creativity in me. Keep it up! from the Philippines.

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Omar 27 Mai 2017
Hello from Kuwait, We missed your art -me & my family-, for years we've been fans of your works, it even inspired me to do paintings. Glad to know you're fine, family comes first, you did the right thing, we'll patiently wait for your extended break to finish, we'll always be waiting for you. Best regards & wishes, -Omar

Chris Snyder 7 Janvier
Still use your wallpapers on all my devices. They such a strong id. Don’t ever close this place. :)

Mary 16 Janvier 19:47
SOOO HAPPY TO SEE YOU BACK!!! I've always been your fan and you've been my "desktop companion" throughout many breaking points in my life (as odd as it sounds :) ) ALL THE BEST IN 2018

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