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Bye bye expiring premium accounts; all Vladstudio accounts now lifetime, for only $14.99!

{20 Mars 2012}

Several years ago, when I decided to try and make my living selling Vladstudio accounts ("registrations" at that time), I made four options to choose from (3, 6, 12 mohts and lifetime). Because more choices look more professional! Eventually I got rid of 6 months option, to keep things easier. Now I suddenly realized that I do not like the idea of expiring accounts at all. That is, I do like people returning and making another purchase :-) But the expiring account, as an idea, is something I myself would not be comfortable dealing with.

I also love experiments! So I deleted 3 and 12 months options as well, and all accounts purchased from now on are lifetime. All existing accounts have been converted to lifetime as well. I hope it won't hurt my earnings too bad, but I feel it is the right way to go.

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Commentaires {10}

Tom Leary 20 Mars 2012
This is great. I've always had the un-expiring account for the same reason you listed above. This will make it easier for me to recommend Vladstudio to others. Thanks!

Mary 23 Mars 2012
Good Luck! I, like the others, have always had the lifetime account, but wish you the best in this new area of experimentation! Your art gives me daily doses of enjoyment! For which I gladly share with others when asked! Thank you for gifting us with your talent!

Wingbee 5 Mai 2012
I like your drawings very much. But the pricing model reminded me too much of the greedy entertainment industry. The flat fee for a lifetime account feels more like a donation/gift in support of a good artist, which i gladly made Keep up making those nice pictures.

Andrew 1 Juin 2012
Hello from Brisbane, Australia! For years I have found your work amazing, I really admire your talent and I think it's cool that you can be producing this work and making a unique living on the internet from eastern Russia! We have a poster of your image of the fairies making rainbows on our daughter's wall, since it is her favourite. So I have been planning for some time to pay for an account, not that we really need any of the premium features, but just to contribute something to support you as an artist. (I don't pay for many things on the internet, but everything you make has such quality: elegance, simplicity and just a pleasure to look at.) But we couldn't quite afford to pay for the lifetime account, and I didn't want one that expired, so I didn't do anything. Today I checked your blog for the first time in months, and found this post, and so I have immediately paid up. Congratulations again on being a great artist who brings joy to others. p.s. I would like to show my family some photos of where you live in Russia, but I can't find them on your site any more, although I seem to remember seeing them in the past. Do you still have a page showing what your town is like?

Manuel Anxo Calvo Santos 20 Mars 2012
That's so nice! I have a lifetime account so I didn't have to bother, but this goes to show you're as lovely a person as a designer.

tamalita 21 Mars 2012
awesome :) I have also had the un-expiring account but I certainly hope this will make it easier for others to join!! Thank you!

Debra 19 Avril 2012
What an incredible gift, thank you so very much. I returned home from a stay in Hospital a few days ago and found that my soon-to-expire account had been upgraded. Vladstudio art graces all our computers (I love the clocks!) and I'm absolutely addicted to the jigsaw puzzles. Be well and thank you for sharing your incredible Gift with so many.

geordee 26 Mai 2012
Vlad, you just got a new customer.

Vlad Gerasimov 26 Mai 2012
Geordee - thanks a lot :-)

Vlad Gerasimov 4 Juin 2012
Andrew - thanks so much. The messages like yours are infinitely important to me. For Irkutsk photos (that's where I live), please check out Siberian wooden houses on website top menu. Thanks!

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