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Vlad Gerasimov 4 Marzo 2010
Inspired by Rebecca Dautremer.

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Comentarios {50}

Oziel 4 Marzo 2010
Nice work. Thx Vlad.

Kelcey 4 Marzo 2010
This is completely fantastic Vlad, my best friend plays trombone and is named Rebecca so I'll definitely be sending it to her:)

Orkydee 4 Marzo 2010
I love it!!! Really!!!!

Cristina 4 Marzo 2010
So pretty!!!! So very pretty!!

Vida Hernaus 4 Marzo 2010
fantastic! :)

ellen 5 Marzo 2010
Is that a meat grinder on there? hahaha

Emilia Delacroix 5 Marzo 2010
GREAT!! (And its title "Trombombone" too!)

5 Marzo 2010
fantastic and funny .........

RHE 6 Marzo 2010
Wonderfully beautiful. You are such a talent! Thank you very much.

AMPIT 6 Marzo 2010

Ern. 7 Marzo 2010
Is...that...a meat grinder????

Lorena. 9 Marzo 2010
Precioso. Cada día te superas.

nupur n shatakshi 16 Marzo 2010
it's amazing......:)

ferdyan 19 Marzo 2010

ministro lama 22 Marzo 2010
i like it !!

Andy 24 Marzo 2010
Thank you ;)

farzad 26 Marzo 2010
ok it s good

mer 28 Marzo 2010

armanda 31 Marzo 2010
I would really love to view a drawing of a children choir made by you :D Well... choirs ;)

Hilal 3 Abril 2010
Very Nice Picz I Like It

Zueuk 5 Abril 2010
Waiting for the next stage: Trololombombone :)

nagi 11 Abril 2010
oh my god I think this picture is very cute

Gabriel 15 Mayo 2010
¡¡Muy creativo!! Ha hiciste el piano, la viola, el trombón,... Creo que ahora si sigue el Sax!!! Por favor!!!!!!

Kalani 7 Octubre 2010
Thanx 4 d nice wallpaper

Abbi 7 Noviembre 2010
I play trombone, and I find this absolutely adorable.

28 Diciembre 2011
Muy bonito!

Bertrand Potier 18 Septiembre 2012
I love to use your wallpapers as depictions or illustrations of moods or situations at work, people are always pleasantly surprised or intrigued by both the art and the message I attach to it. This wallpaper specifically is a gold mine for this :)

Jul 4 Marzo 2010
Je découvre tout juste ce site... et c'est un vrai régal pour mes pupilles !!! hihihihi... Merci beaucoup pour ces beaux dessins !!

VladFan 4 Marzo 2010
I like it! This device reminds me of Animusic! See the similarities with these videos:

Anna Wallace 4 Marzo 2010
Yes, Vlad - Great Fun! I can just see you smiling as you added that fan at the top and a knot in the middle! Love your Imagination, don't you ever lose it! Anna

Matthew Oleary 5 Marzo 2010
Vlad this is gorgeous. It reminds me of Doctor Seuss. I'm sure we can expect plenty of colour variations? please!

Kris 5 Marzo 2010
You're awesome, Vlad! I love you! Greetings from Novi Sad, Serbia. :)

David 6 Marzo 2010
Very beautiful, Vlad I love the way you make it look so easy.

Eugene 7 Marzo 2010
Thank you.

Luis 8 Marzo 2010
Hilarious, Vlad you're a genius...

Ivan 13 Marzo 2010
prof. Baltazar

Jester 17 Marzo 2010
Excuse me! What dose Trombombone mean? But it's very nice. Thanks Vlad.

Trish 22 Marzo 2010
VLAD for President! Where do I vote?

Angel 25 Marzo 2010
Felicidades, refresca mucho ver estas obras de arte, es volver a la niñez. Muchas gracias.

polo 27 Marzo 2010

Paola 30 Marzo 2010
You are an artist Vlad... you really got the idea of what you are painting, I never saw such a thing in my life!

Nate 1 Abril 2010
Hi man

Vick 3 Abril 2010
Обожаю все обои от vladstudio )))

Zueuk 5 Abril 2010
Omg, a fractal trombone! :-o

abbi 9 Mayo 2010
COOL I play trombone, but sadly, not a trombombone. :)

Mehregan 23 Agosto 2010
it's the BEST!!!!!!

Ceren 4 Octubre 2010
This wiil be my tattoo tonight! Thank you.

Soraia 10 Octubre 2010
Love it! Thanks!

moodi 15 Febrero 2011
I looooooooooooooove it!!! Really!!!!

Olga 18 Mayo 2012
It starts as a trumpet, though :)

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