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Los Dos y los Aliens

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Vlad Gerasimov · 7 Julio 2005
Este fondo no está inspirado en  la película La Guerra de los Mundos :-) Daba vueltas esta idea desde hace mucho tiempo, pero justo hoy comprendí de repente cómo dibujarla. Disfruta!

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me · hace mucho

Meow · hace mucho
Nevermind I'm blind.

Amoo · hace mucho
KOOL(Y) KOOL(Y) KOOL.....(Y) Perfect............MAN

Carla · hace mucho
The first time I found your website, it took my breath away. :-O All of your works make me feel so many emotions. My son and I love this wallpaper! :-) (L)

Kelley · hace mucho
It's amazing to me how expressive this piece is, it doesn'e need any words...most definitely my favorite

Vlad Gerasimov · hace mucho
2 whitenoisephantom: thank you!

vlad · hace mucho
(im not the author)nice(Y)

chanka · hace mucho
(y) :-) (y) (y)

Aleksandar · hace mucho

hybrid · hace mucho
I love it!

Adelheid In Wonderland · hace mucho
Wow ... I love this one. It's funny how the aliens are right side up, think about it.

Grant · hace mucho
They live on potatoes? Otherwise this is really cool.

whitenoisephantom · hace mucho
Vlad, I am a recent 'convert' to your site and I have to tell you, this is absolutely incredible. :-D The idea is awesome, and this wallpaper makes you think outside of the 'box' we live in. And even if it's not WOTW, it's perfectly timed. (Y) Awesome job!

Magaly · hace mucho
impresionante :-)

Alex · hace mucho
ahh, how cute.

Cristina · hace mucho
Simply awesome!! :-D (L)

Vlad Gerasimov · hace mucho
2Stranger - hey, this is not fair! :-)

Rina · hace mucho
muy muy bueno! :)

Cristina · hace mucho
the great thing is that you can turn upside down the wallpaper and make aliens look at the two :-D

pluviosec · hace mucho
cool & cute excellent! (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y)

hari · hace mucho
your site is good and nice site. Thank you

ivan · hace mucho

guardianangelz · 24 Febrero 2008
Hey Vlad, I use this wallpaper all the time! (except those short moments in between, when I lose my sanity and accidentally use another background) And no, I didn't even think about War of the Worlds when I saw this wallpaper (wasn't this around before WotW? I seem to remember using this before that movie was out). I really like the philosophical (and anthropological) implications this image serves. Keep up the great work!

pau · 22 Diciembre 2011
iguales y diferentes so same and different

westerlyh76 · hace mucho
great work !! that's so cute ~

Meow · hace mucho
You need 1920x1200 resolutions.

Kacenka · hace mucho
Hello Vlad! I love (L) your wallpapers to death... ;-) The two are my favourites and this one is brilliant! Keep it in blue (Y), best colour for Two.

Carlos · hace mucho
Well as i have seen some of the other wallpapers. And I have to say they are all aswome! ;-)

Casian · hace mucho
Questa si .E arte.Vlad si .E un artista.Faro una bella mostra darte nel mio soggiorno.BRAVO VLAD

fsdfsdf · hace mucho
hi? good site

Bill · hace mucho
awesome is all i can say(Y)

george · hace mucho
another nice 1 vlad

kelysar · hace mucho
Hello Vlad. I've seen a lot of great pictures made by you during the last couple of years, and every so often I updated my current wallpaper with something new. Thanks a lot for your fine art! Cheers, kelysar

Lisa · hace mucho
Cute i lov it!

Caline · hace mucho
I have the same thought that Moo: "The two" are amazing wallpapers always... but for me this is the best. I love it! (L) Thanks for be such an amazing artist and to share your art with us! :-)

Jose Daniel · hace mucho
Absolutely Awesome!!! somehow it reminds me the drawings from The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint Exupéry ... Thanks Vlad!

Blaz Sef · hace mucho
Imaginative colours and expressive point of view. Me likes. As I do for all your things, mostly.

Stranger · hace mucho
is anybody with lifetime registration ? ;-)

Tom · hace mucho
This one is good. (Y)

echoes · hace mucho
great picture and great emotion to it. I would rather the aliens were looking at the Two.

Vlad Gerasimov · hace mucho
2 echoes: this makes sense! Wallpaper updated, now the aliens are looking at the two. 2 Cristina: haha! True, moreover, the picture gets completely new feeling upside down!

pluviosec · hace mucho
Vlad,yr blue arts were reli gd!

evelyn · hace mucho

kim · hace mucho

Moo · hace mucho
I love your "The Two" wallpapers! This one is no exception. The way the aliens are also pointing at The Two also brings up lots of subtle messages. Keep up the amazing work!

Mustafa · 24 Febrero 2008
Teşekkürler hepsi mükemmel

Marija · 19 Marzo 2008

Jill · 12 Septiembre 2008
This wallpaper is amazing. The two are my absolute favorite things. Ever since I found your site, I've been getting my wallpaper from no where else. Every week I update it! This week is the two and the aliens. LOVE IT!

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