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Note - for most Android phones, you need a wallpaper twice as wide as your screen.

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Vlad Gerasimov 18 Abril 2004
Creado enteramente con Photoshop, no  se usaron otras herramientas. Inspirado por artistas como Hameed y Greg Martin, cuyos planetas son los mejores, si  me preguntan!

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Comentarios {118}

ronald Budiharto hace mucho
Good Pic

h hace mucho
truely beaut

aks hace mucho
great work ..................... :-)

dani linn hace mucho
good stuff

Janelle hace mucho
Micheal - Some of the things you requested some people might already feel as though they have seen in Vlad's ART because I sure have ! (L) I'm curious Micheal are you an artist ?? VLAD - Creative Genius with much passion !!!!! (L) (L) (L)

da hace mucho
do u make wallpapers on request?

LEE hace mucho

robert hace mucho
its very nice

toto hace mucho
sim salabim

pamela hace mucho
pamela anderson naked

Grant hace mucho
-GASP- incredible!

Ezio Lucenti hace mucho
this is GREAT !

jarar hace mucho
very nice wallpaper

Thanhtung-Vietnam hace mucho

gustavo hace mucho
muy bueno, deberian agregar más del espacio exterior.

gokben(turkiye) hace mucho
her zamanki gibi coook güzel...

Sylvia hace mucho
Este es muy sugerente

victor ^_^. hace mucho
Good pro. I just want to tell that raycasts (you can notice them up in the right) could not be in reality because in space there's not atmosphere ;)

x_power hace mucho
süpermiş (Y)

Alex hace mucho
Ñóïåð!!! (SUPER!!!) Das ist fantastisch!!!!

Tuuzzi hace mucho
Büyük Sonsuz boşluğun ürkütücülüğü

WatZwaZz hace mucho

Ali hace mucho
Valla resim gusel Bence yeterince gusel ustelik Ayrica cihancim ben seni cook seviyorum umarimim bunu gorursun ve yazdigim icin kizmassin :) (L)(L)(L)Bitanemsin sen(L)(L)(L)

rockdevilgirl hace mucho
Jangan Percaya cakap diaorang semua.... You know you did a great work! (L)

Shorty hace mucho
Its it!(Y)

Maic hace mucho
Vlad, děkuju za novou inspiraci a přeju hodně štěstí!! -- Thank you for new inspiration and I wish you good luck!! -- -- Gracias por nueva inspiración y te deseo buena suerte !! ;-)

Haggy hace mucho
Great art !

César Osorio hace mucho
Es una expresión mágica de la paaz y la fuerza que rodea todo el cosmos. Felicidades!

Parvez hace mucho
The best wallpapers I have ever seen. Extraordinary effort. Keep it up. (Y)

Lonesomewarrior hace mucho
It is said, that an image is worth a thousand words, and yet this one always gives me millions. It's wonderfull, peacefull and relaxing. Great work, and keep it up..

betty hace mucho

Kietna Qu'Tak hace mucho
Again You show that you know how space can be beautiful

bamba hace mucho
good.. nice :-P

hace mucho
Çäîðîâî! Ìíå ïîíðàâèëîñü

Kent hace mucho
Hey Vlad, just found your site today, 23 Jan 05. Thank you for the wallpaper. I put a link to your site on my blog: Blurred Convolutions Very Cool!!! - :-) (Y)

Surakat hace mucho
Amazing piece of work. great! thanks a lot. superb colors too.

angel of fire hace mucho
Whoa! u are really talented!! :-)

P.Marian 22 Enero 2008

trinhnfs 27 Enero 2008
good jobs man

Aamna 23 Marzo 2008

theextreme 1 Abril 2008
Best Yet its my background

Lol 24 Abril 2008
Vlad your work is so amazing you are a hero thanks so much i love all your work keep it up :D

Rit@ 26 Mayo 2008
I agreed with carlos I don't think vlad reads our comments but f you did put yes I do in the title of your next wp like this The green town(for exemple) and then put (yes I do) and prove us you read our comments

Anonymous 30 Mayo 2008

maxxxx 22 Junio 2008
whats this peice of shit? oh its the planet

Jay 28 Julio 2008
I love this! I have just set it as my wallpaper! Keep up the great work!

Rishh 8 Febrero 2009
can i hve the tutorial fr ths grr8 piece of work......

alireza from IRAN 12 Marzo 2009
It's exellent.

bubini 3 Agosto 2009
i love this picture

sergio 8 Diciembre 2009
Ho my got. It´s very good.

Matt 29 Diciembre 2009

Tmoney 31 Diciembre 2009

Erica 3 Enero 2010
It make me to feel silent

RoVlaTi 19 Enero 2010
Шедевр космоса :)

14 Febrero 2010
to much hustle to download, where i can get walls for free without registering at other sites with no problem.

aps 26 Junio 2010

Rinkesh 24 Noviembre 2010
This has got to be one of the most amazing works of art I have ever seen! Definitely one of this website's best! smile

Vikash Kr Sharma 26 Mayo 2012
excellent work...

mvag21 12 Diciembre 2012
very nice

cool 14 Enero 2013

kagz 5 Julio 2013
how to download please?

ojas hace mucho
Im still deciphering this one! WoW!

zephb hace mucho
your wallpapers are my favorite! Thanks so much!

buy cialis hace mucho
Bhgggrrrr :) Just great!

buy viagra hace mucho
Bhgggrrrr :) Just great!

pooja hace mucho
u r really talented in this work :-o

Michael hace mucho
Outstanding work,Hope you could work on more extravagant Subjects,Angels and Demons,People's diversity,or Life styles,again keep the undisputed Art.

Vlad Gerasimov hace mucho
To da: usually no but it really depends on request. you can use contact page on this site to send me details.

Quasar hace mucho
Ïåíäîññêèå êàììåíòû ðóëÿò! ))

Qgirl hace mucho
He is Awesome He is the Light

nigger hace mucho
probably my favorite picture ever =]

carolifen hace mucho
Hi,Vlad! just wanna say thank u so much for publish this helpful site. I think I can "feel" your passion through your artwork :) You're TRULY inspiring!! Congratulations to your new project: and best wishes for all your works! GBU ;) :D -----Keep up the "passion" in all your works!!------

salkis hace mucho
superb, feels like in a virtual space, cnacubo!

hace mucho
êðóòî))))î÷ ìèëî

B.A hace mucho
its great =) like hereos ..

albajessica hace mucho
And i'm sorry. But i really need jessica alba fakes to the sky. Now you are slightly tipsy.

WoWer gamer hace mucho
chuck norris is better

hace mucho
really good work. you should be very proud

Max hace mucho
This has got to be one of the most amazing works of art I have ever seen! Definitely one of this website's best! (Y)

Jmartin hace mucho
not my type of thing, but it is pretty cool.

mo.cynatic hace mucho super find ich das nicht!;-) looks like cinema 4D (N)

lynn 1896 hace mucho
this was a source and beautiful work of art that depicts life .;-) Your artistry enables us as fans to be happy and not sad .You encourage others by having this impact their homes just by taking a break of coffee,enjoying it alone, and shre it with others.:-D superbly romantic at heart that is what you are.(L)

hi hace mucho

cihan hace mucho
güzel ama biraz daha aydınlık ve büyük olsaymış

jeopardee hace mucho
Inspiration to enlightenment

ДА хо hace mucho
Но по моему на с сылками не хуже ,а то и лучше только в другом стиле.

Vlad Gerasimov hace mucho
Carlos - what makes you think so? I receive each comment by email and read carefully.

Carlos hace mucho
I don't think vlad read the comments

Yo Yo hace mucho
Time to practise meditation. Thanks for great picture.

A S U R A hace mucho
Nice! (Y)

toymachine hace mucho
nice work pal ........ nnasty thing hace mucho

Lala hace mucho
DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!its kinda wierd and um..all...yeah but its cool

Mihail Dragoi hace mucho
A bloody well done piece of work. E un geniu al de facu toate pozili astia. congrats dila mini!

Romi hace mucho
Your work is excellent. I love these wallpapers; my favourite.

kasse hace mucho
all of your work is superb! i-)

Bioran23 20 Enero 2008
Wonderful. It is wordlessly wonderful.

adrian 23 Enero 2008
it a nice and pretty art was amazing!!!!

Raitan 19 Febrero 2008
Wow, 'tis very nice..

netz 26 Marzo 2008
thank you... i really like this one! great job :D

anohita 15 Mayo 2008

Rit@ 26 Mayo 2008
I wanna to do a question how you do the icons::: heart, broken heart and the another one with a finger up or down can someone tell me!?? but when you teach me don't write like this :) write like this : ) (understand?) Thanks

SkaycD 31 Mayo 2008
Wonderful......makes one feel there is always hope for us all!

anonymous 14 Junio 2008
superb, beautiful, spectacular art... it is really awesome!!! keep it up man!!

anonymous 24 Octubre 2008
that looks abit lame to me.. sorry. seriously, i have seen better

gael 23 Febrero 2009
beaux tres beaux!!!

Anderson Santos 28 Junio 2009
Very Greg martin alike :d beautiful mist

nahin 9 Septiembre 2009
la verdad es tan hermoso que inspira

Vsg 25 Diciembre 2009
Butiful scene.

31 Diciembre 2009
This picture is amazinqq

Tmoney 31 Diciembre 2009

Jhenny 3 Enero 2010

matt wilkie 29 Enero 2010
if you have two displays, put Dawn on one, and watch/listen to Pale Blue Dot by Carl Sagan on the other - beautiful

Amie 2 Mayo 2010

joo yuong 16 Octubre 2010
l have see peacefull and relaxing.

Monkey 13 Abril 2012
정말 감사해용! So Thank you~!!

Julie Sacha 1 Diciembre 2012
You are a true artist!!! I love your work and am thankful that we can freely enjoy it everyday. Keep it up and God bless you.

Mark 19 Enero 2013
wanderful pics how to improve eyesight thanks

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