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Fondos de Pantalla 

Árbol flotante optimista

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Note - for most Android phones, you need a wallpaper twice as wide as your screen.

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Vlad Gerasimov 31 Enero 2006
En respuesta a las numerosas peticiones he hecho una versión luminosa del fondo anterior. Disfrutadla.

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Comentarios {45}

Moo hace mucho
Oooooh!!!! :) I like!

Steven hace mucho
I Love This Work That you do all The Time Brilliant flying tree my favourite(L)

Moily hace mucho

it hace mucho
it sucks like hell

person010101010 hace mucho
do you have a url code i can copy?

Tauheed hace mucho
I love this tree!

Caline hace mucho
Love it!!!!!!! This is my favorite of the flying trees. Thank you very much!! (Y)

Gr8NayNayy hace mucho
Wow, wow, wow! (Y) hace mucho
gud,but lower half of the image is too artificial...itt destroyes all the image...any way,mistakes r the stepping stones for success

Petr hace mucho
Thanx for this:-) I Love That

Jirka 13 Enero 2008
It brightened my desktop up. I love your work. Keep on creating!

Kashyap 27 Marzo 2008

Katara 22 Julio 2008
It reminds me of Avatar: The Last Air Bender :)

Christina 14 Diciembre 2008
WOW!! this is definetely my favorite wallpaper. i just love the colors and the unrealisticness of it. and i love how it seems stranded.

faraz 19 Febrero 2010
its really a cool stuff in wallpapers, which i had seen b4 .........the colors and placements, are all cool

patricia 5 Marzo 2010

Muizz DoN 20 Abril 2010
Very Nice Wallpapers. ! L!kE It.....!!!!!!!!!

Manda 26 Octubre 2010
So nice,i like it,,, !!!!!!!

i am number four 31 Mayo 2011
i like it...........i love it..........and i very love it

Dóra 17 Noviembre 2011
Please let it available on T-shirt!

Achinta 27 Enero 2013
its all very cooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iys 30 Mayo 2015
anyone notice a girl face under the tree? intentional?

nara hace mucho
(L) beatiful

saz hace mucho
beautiful, but it would be even more optimistic if the light was coming from somewhere! the effects you could do with a sun would look simply amazing!

turd hace mucho

iVo hace mucho

florine85 hace mucho
I still I hope when I see this tree :-)

ronnie hace mucho
My high on a good Day!! (L)

David hace mucho
So nice :-P Continue your excellent work!!! :-)

Kitty hace mucho
(L) it !

Encon hace mucho
Anouther Purely Genious design.(Y)

öö hace mucho
den va jätte fiin :-)

Any:) 6 Enero 2008
Oooooh!!!! I like!I Love This Work That you do all The Time Brilliant flying tree my favourite

madman 25 Marzo 2008

saeedeh 6 Abril 2008
tree flying!! it is me.

anonymous 29 Septiembre 2009

tanja vucetic 26 Octubre 2009
zete super su

vishal 18 Febrero 2010
its fantastic

naru 2 Marzo 2010
i looked earlier the old version of this in black & white , its a hell of inspiring, this is great too..but fuel the tree with color version would be that asking too much? =D cheers

istanbul 30 Abril 2010
eternal tree....

30 Agosto 2010
so sweet

khan 9 Junio 2011
it's good

23 Octubre 2011

Poo 14 Junio 2012
So preety

kris 31 Mayo 2014

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