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Fondos de Pantalla 

Adele Bloch-Bauer

Size: Computadoras de Escritorio Dispositivos Móviles Apple Android 2 monitores 3 monitores

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Note - for most Android phones, you need a wallpaper twice as wide as your screen.

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Vlad Gerasimov 6 Febrero 2007
Dedicado a Klimt! :-)

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Comentarios {28}

mostafa hace mucho
thank you (Y)

summer hace mucho
very good!

sajjad hace mucho
Post modern??;-)

M.Tauheed hace mucho
I love this one! becoz its Pakistani bloch women's pic. Tell who is a reg user of this site?

shadowman hace mucho
Hi! How r u? nice site!

M hace mucho
Wonderful! :-) I love her bracelets. Thanks so much! M.

Lucia hace mucho
So original ^^

Chris, London hace mucho
HELP! The picture isn't appearing! (PS: I love your work!)

Cynthia hace mucho
This Klimt painting is beautiful. Congrats!!! :-)

Erin hace mucho
How beautiful!! I love your work, and this one is a new favorite. Thank you!!

Janice 8 Febrero 2008
I love Klimt! More Klimt!! this was such a treat!

melanooo 26 Abril 2008
great! fabolous! perfect!=)))

LooR 19 Noviembre 2008
...I just keept rating 5 stars ... but this one is just amazing... Gustav is laughing delighted for sure. You made my day...well night :D Excellent work !!!

maruco 23 Mayo 2010

qntaindo 16 Octubre 2011
what is klimt?

Bailbatoora hace mucho
Another mazing piece of visual art.

Chiemisa hace mucho
I love Klimt.. and this version of it is great!! I love how you change and simplify artworks to your personal style and yet keep them recognisable... like the mona lisa one as well.

Dumplings hace mucho
Beautiful!if you paint on the ceramic ,it will be very excellent. my MSN

aitqb hace mucho
whoooot!!! i like it:)

ivona hace mucho
hahah you made me laugh..its great how you see a woman!

Arch 93 hace mucho
Let him rest well! Gustav Klimt is uniqe and forever my favourite Thanx for this lovely work! =)

Karin hace mucho
Its so beatyful, I love it

Benoit hace mucho
Your version this Klimt painting is exquisite ! :-O

Klimt hace mucho
Thank you, its appreciated :-)

Gigih 5 Marzo 2008
Salutes to You

Puella 1 Noviembre 2008
Ha! Klimt is satisfied, methinks. Great work!

Maryam 5 Enero 2010
I love your work, they're great, cause you are Great. TNX

Ivor 11 Marzo 2010
Excellent. Have you considered anything in the style of Hundertwasser?

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