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Planeta Tierra - Invertido

Planeta Tierra - Invertido

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Comentarios 253

Matthew Avery · hace mucho
um. awesome.

fox · hace mucho

Stefko · hace mucho
OMG! Where do you get those ideas? Does it rain ideas in your town?

tsirko · hace mucho
wow,wow,wow! this just perfect! it looks so epic! :P imaging the earth like this! love your imagination! now again wow! wow! wow!

Peter Kahoun · hace mucho
Oh yes, this is one of the wallpapers, because of them I hide all the icons from desktop!

Life Seeker · hace mucho

Gaby · hace mucho
Increible, tan bueno como todo lo que normalmente haces, pero definitivamente esta es una idea super diferente y original. Fantastico.

p0p0p · hace mucho
lol xDDDD

JGB · hace mucho

Dusan · hace mucho
you're the man! truly amazing

Clever! · hace mucho
It took me a minute to figure it out. DUH! But I love it. Neat idea, as usual. :)

judith · hace mucho
your productionrate is amazing! This is yet another stunning one. thanks again for the continuing surprises in my mailbox!

bridget · hace mucho
LOVE this wallpaper -i'm using it right now ;) i think it'd be SO awesome if it was colorful - greens and browns etc. on the "land" and blues for the oceans and seas ;) always love your stuff - keep it coming!!! xo bridget

doli · hace mucho
excellent~ I love it

gareth · hace mucho
i am not at all pleased with this image you have completely left off new zealand which is next to australia you if you are going to do an image like this you should at least put all the countries on it!

derya · hace mucho
i envy your imagination

jimmy · hace mucho
you forgot to put new zealand on the map what a insult!

Cynthia · hace mucho
Awesome! Stunning!

kacenka · hace mucho

Sergio Alejandro Sotomayor Esqui · hace mucho

Vlad Gheorghiu · hace mucho
Very interesting idea. I don't see something like this often.

Christopher Barr · hace mucho
People… take it easy. It is the initial impression [first second or two] that separates great art from the not so great art. Anything [art, music, sculptures et cetera] can be trashed by insecure egos. Did you like this piece the instant you saw it? If so, then it is great art. Allow the cartographers include New Zealand. Incidenatally, I'm a sailor. I love New Zealand.

blah blah blah · hace mucho
you forgot Okeechobee island in the floridian section of the united ocean.

Justin · hace mucho
I think that is an amazing concept.

Dima · hace mucho

Dr. Andrew Mossberg · hace mucho
Creative and well-done! Well executed too!

Luke · hace mucho
What the heck is an 'United Ocean'. Surely you mean the Americas Ocean?

Deufon · hace mucho
and chilean Sea ??

Mike · hace mucho
You're missing the iPhone Screen Size for the mobile!

th_k · hace mucho
Excellent concept, and while I get the "inverted world" thing, I don't get why the cardinal directions are also inverted. This doesn't keep me from liking it tons.

trinest · hace mucho
wheres atlantus

Matt · hace mucho
Where's New Zealand??

Maldivian · hace mucho
lol at least my home maldives is seen

i am no bizarro · hace mucho
this is just like the exact idea for the bizarro world for the all star superman issue in which that appeared in it on the background, i think it's number seven. i am no telling lies.

nidnarg · hace mucho
This is brilliant!

jeromeee · hace mucho
the world looks so much better like this.. in my opinion..

Arun Sivanandan · hace mucho
Cool, great idea ... If the world was like this, shipping would not have been a big industry :)

Typos · hace mucho
yeah even i like the fact that Maldives is there on the map...really nice...apparently he has a DUAL monitor version of this...maybe he's got the missing things on that one...cheers all !!

inDIGGnation · hace mucho

grrlwonder · hace mucho
that's awesome. great work!

kidooo · hace mucho
i like 'mexico land'. very accurate and informative.

Hanna · hace mucho
Poor work.

Vlad Olteanu · hace mucho
This is genius! Truly, one of your best ideas yet... I've been a fan of your work for two years now, but this is truly amazing :) CONGRATS! May that you always remain this wise and skilled!

geo · hace mucho
Where are the Hawaiian Great Lakes?

huahua · hace mucho
Jeff: If you have your compass in the lower right hand corner reversed, then why is the "North Atlantic Kingdom" now located south of the "South Atlantic Kingdom"?? ============================== right, the "north arrow" points downward, so the south atlantic kindom should be in the upper side of the north A....K.....

Robert Carlier · hace mucho
Fantastic! I don't know why but this reminds me of 'The Island Crimea' Vasilii Pavlovich Aksenov's book. All the best, Robert

woonie · hace mucho
I tried visualizing a world where people live in the sea, while travelling on land was not possible until some sort of technological advancement came about.

javier · hace mucho
Magestuosamente espectacular,felicitaciones

Maria · hace mucho
that is wild. . . . . . . but that just looks weird. . . .no big oceans. . . . hmm. . . . good thing i can swim!!!! XD

David · hace mucho
Great! But...WHERE'S AUSTRALIA?????? :(

Jamin · hace mucho
This is, by far, the most amazing wallpaper you've created... I've had more impressed comments in the last few days about my desktop than in my whole life of using a computer... You Rock!

Mike Ley · hace mucho
I love this wallpaper, but is there any way you could make it exactly the same, just not inverted? (essentially a normal earth that looks as sleek)

zha chuanxin · hace mucho
Cool! good job

daviddddd · hace mucho
That looks awesome..haha

Ludmila · hace mucho
Is this antypodes?

Leonardo · hace mucho
Muito bom.... é o que o aquecimento global vai causar! estarei em breve nadando no oceano brasileiro ;) Parabéns pelo trabalho!

Bora P · hace mucho
Cool Work. :)

ACE · hace mucho
haha! I like it!!!

gjakova · hace mucho
super dishka a

Ivica · hace mucho
Magic World!!!

ANGIE · hace mucho

Very creative idea... but... A p · hace mucho
Very nice work.. But I came here to comment about the South/North Kingdoms and Oceans... :) :D Maybe they need to release a 1.1 version of the Map.. :D P.S.: Excellent idea this 'Inverted Planet'

asian boy · hace mucho
a piece of talent

hiutopor · hace mucho
Hi Very interesting information! Thanks! G'night

rachit · hace mucho
it's great to see the world map

Fixi · hace mucho

HQ · hace mucho
I love this wallpaper. It's such a creative idea and is very well done!!

Alfa.Alex · hace mucho
[Italiano] Fico ! [English]Cool !

George Mariot · hace mucho
Brilliant idea !!

sanu · hace mucho
This is not very interesting this is easy to creat.

gerxrdo · hace mucho
sweet! very creative! love vlabstudio!

person · hace mucho
Could you make a non-inversed version?

carrillogil · hace mucho
me kede con la boca abierta

W!!RU$$ · 16 Enero 2008
Great idea Vlad!

ilker · 24 Enero 2008
lets change the world as in that map! lol...Great job!

Elias · 29 Enero 2008
Ya me habian surgido ideas asi antes pero no de esta forma. Dios te dio la capacidad de plasmar tus ideas en creativos wallpapers para la comunidad internauta.¡¡¡APROVECHALA BIEN PIBE!!!

Jennifer Starr · 12 Febrero 2008
I love this wallpaper, but the dual screen version for my resolution cuts off Arcticland and the Antartic Ocean. Boo!!

Reginald · 13 Febrero 2008
This would be interesting.

ignaki · 26 Febrero 2008
Zazpiak Bat · 4 Marzo 2008
manyak resim yani

Chris · 6 Marzo 2008
Nice work! I made sketched of this sort of idea too, and now matter how you look at it or color it, it messes with your head because it's hard to forget the shapes as being the real world map. The world as 71% land... imagine the salinity of the water.

Devakumar · 25 Marzo 2008

Vlad Gerasimov · 26 Marzo 2008
A.J.: Thanks, I fixed it!

Francois · 2 Abril 2008
Simply wonderful! I have been using it as my wallpaper for a few days now and I love it... THANKS

Karina · 15 Abril 2008
you are amazing! keep up the great work =)

Maximillian · 28 Abril 2008
Heh. Pretty cool!

n3k · 12 Mayo 2008
Awesome :o

Pau! · 16 Mayo 2008
I LOVE this one! beautiful and funny bye! kiss

macmarcus · 26 Junio 2008
very nice!

Ghalebi · 29 Junio 2008
The inverse idea is Awsome !

jotbe · 14 Julio 2008
jojaa.... muy creativo!!

MHossain · 28 Julio 2008
Beautiful!! Nice!! Super!!

Sonia · 8 Agosto 2008
Great job! Thanks a lot!

CmdrB · 12 Agosto 2008
OMG! I need to try this map in Civilization IV!

dee's · 27 Agosto 2008
nice work..

Pisu · 31 Agosto 2008
I'm using this wallpaper for months, on my Ubuntu desktop, and is amazing! Great idea and even more great graphic work!

Esther T. · 2 Octubre 2008
Your creativity is astounding and the art produced stunning! Will have to clean up my icons or hide them.

Matt · 12 Noviembre 2008
Very clever.

Reetu · 15 Noviembre 2008
Only one word I have for it ..its awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Simon Raven · 27 Noviembre 2008
Oh man, that's trippy, and funny. Very cool :).

nice girl · 7 Diciembre 2008
this is awsome very smart very cooolll

Pratik · 9 Diciembre 2008
Can you do something like reversing green and blue of the globe/world map in a wallpaper? Of course you CAN do, but will you? It would be great!

Hauer · 6 Febrero 2009
Like Beth said, English Lake should not be written next to Scotland. British Lake maybe, but not English Lake.

Kat · 13 Febrero 2009
I'm speechless!

hi hi hi · 15 Febrero 2009
well i think it is not that amusing to me.

Emma · 3 Julio 2009
I love this! (Well, its popular, apearenlty a lot of people do! :)) I like most of your art, too! Props for you!

raj · 16 Agosto 2009

· 1 Septiembre 2009

YouLie · 2 Marzo 2010
So Good

You · 2 Marzo 2010
youAre Creative

L\'ecsó · 13 Marzo 2010
Very beautifull!Cool

石头 · 17 Abril 2010

Roman Toporkov · 4 Junio 2010
This one is the Best! Amazing!

Norris · 14 Junio 2010
This is just brilliant!

· 23 Octubre 2010

· 22 Abril 2011
Where is the Arabic world ? If evil tower is exist, then the Arabic world must be exist too ..

What? · 25 Abril 2011
You gotta PAY just to download the widescreen version? That's outrageous and incredibly greedy. I will not pay to join your silly little website just for 1 wallpaper. That's a shame too, because it is very nice. Greedy, just greedy.

Nyxx · 27 Agosto 2011
Hey there -- absolutely love the site, especially the global wallpapers. Already have them on a cycle on my iMac's desktop. Incredible. I'll be writing a cover story on your brilliant design. If that's O.K. with you? cultofaraluen . com

Anon · 21 Febrero 2012
Ok except for the fact that they wouldn't be oceans considering they are surrounded by land.

Timm · 11 Noviembre 2012
This is Great!

In a parallel universe · 20 Diciembre 2012
In a parallel universe..

Ross Leonce · 27 Octubre 2013
Sad not to see the lost city of Atlanta on the map. Yes, Atlanta.

Danieru · 9 Febrero 2014
lol, the Panama bridge

Asher · 11 Febrero 2014
This is really cool, but I'm annoyed that New Zealand isn't on it (my homeland)

celticnician · 3 Marzo 2015
On the above map you have Ireland joined with england this is not good pls give us some space. As the song goes thank god were surrounded by water .

conception Web Longueuil · 20 Agosto 2017
i try to get inspiration to create a new map and this page. its all i need :P

Dianne Mae · 14 Junio
This is the first image I have discovered from you almost 10 years ago - it made me look for more and I was not disappointed! I'm now browsing the entire gallery and for some I am also reading various comments... which shows that as life is in general, you cannot please everyone. But you are an amazing artist, no question about it! Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous work!

Misha · hace mucho
The Funniest till now!!!

Radek Matěj · hace mucho
It's very illusive, I can't stop staring at it. Nice work.

Anton · hace mucho

Lilly · hace mucho
Hm...This work is unusual, but looks prettily! Thanks, Vlad

LucasDT · hace mucho

Ashwin Narasimhan · hace mucho
This looks nice, and probably will be what happens if global warming doesn't stop.

darthvinyll · hace mucho
great stuff!

Priscila · hace mucho
This is awsome! Really creative, as always.

Leslie · hace mucho
Ooh! Love this!!! As a geographer by trade, this rocks my world!!

Sebastian · hace mucho
Man! I cant stop staring at it! Awsome dude! Your imagination knows no limits.

Jean Paul · hace mucho
Excelente! muy ingenioso!!!

Appleboy · hace mucho
A Masterpiece....!

Emily · hace mucho
Looooooooove it!

lisa · hace mucho
so intriguing

dhamar · hace mucho
where's Indonesia my big beloved country? i can't find it!!!!!

Ncoats · hace mucho
Very impressive, as usual.

SacrificialS · hace mucho

feng shaun · hace mucho
simply amazing. So much details which is good.

divya · hace mucho
View of earth from Vlad eyes.what can be better than this. Amazing Job.Simply loved it.thanks

Phlebas · hace mucho
Great skewed view of the world. Love it....and remember it's art not an atlas!

Vlad Gerasimov · hace mucho
Gareth, Jimmy - I guess you talk about standard sizes of wallpaper, 800x600 - 1600x1200, in fact, New Zealand is there but only in widescreen versions! I did not notice it was cropped. I will try to fix it soon.

ribbot · hace mucho
i am kinda confused

Paul · hace mucho
What a great and unique way to look at our tiny planet! Thanks!

Christopher Barr · hace mucho
People… take it easy. It is the initial impression [first second or two] that separates great art from the not so great art. Anything [art, music, sculptures et cetera] can be trashed by insecure egos. Did you like this piece the instant you saw it? If so, then it is great art. Allow the cartographers include New Zealand. Incidenatally, I'm a sailor. I love New Zealand.

Christopher Barr · hace mucho
New Zealanders- You should first be upset at all of the traitors that kept the America's Cup in land locked Switzerland. After you win back the cup, you can complain about Vlad's exclusion of you on his map!!

Krysthian · hace mucho
La verdad que me encantó!!! A mi me parece que sí, le llueven ideas!!! XD!!! Excelente!!!

Balin leSavage · hace mucho
Excellent. I really like this one. Your site redesign is beautiful too.

Alaalas · hace mucho
Would that be the Hawaiian Pits? Contrary is okay, but should be a bit more sardonic, no? We do cook pigs in pits, but the whole thing just isn't sarcastic enough.

Spell Checker · hace mucho
South Pacific Kindgom?

Oakman · hace mucho
where is the rest of the world? You aint showing it all.

Benson · hace mucho
Good picture~ But, where those river & mountain inversed from? I think after inverted, the highest mountain is in Philippine kingdom.

Vlad Gerasimov · hace mucho
Hi all! Answering popular question about New Zealand :-) I initially designed this wallpaper in wide-screen size (16:9), and when I saved standard sizes (4:3) New Zealand has been cropped, so it is now avialable for registered users only :-) I am playing with my Photoshop file now to make resize things and make New Zealand fit into 4:3 screens, but I dont like results so far. Thanks again!

fooman · hace mucho
haha, very creative. although, mediterranean is a funny name for a piece of land between two bodies of water :)

European · hace mucho
Where did europe go!?

Jeff · hace mucho
If you have your compass in the lower right hand corner reversed, then why is the "North Atlantic Kingdom" now located south of the "South Atlantic Kingdom"??

N S Sharada Prasad · hace mucho
Topsy turvy world

Luke B · hace mucho
Why is New Zealand never on the map?

howdy · hace mucho
no european ocean? missed the center of the world dude! other than that - nice work!

Pablo · hace mucho
This is an insult for the Latin American people. Besides Brazil, there are many more countries in South America (Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay just to name a few.) Why do all the "oceans" are called like former continents and "South America Ocean" is called like a country?. This is just an insult.

Pace · hace mucho
Geologically impossible, tut.

AD69 · hace mucho

Josue · hace mucho
awesome. my eyes are having a hard time inverting reality to surrealism imagination. when i focus on the creative image my eyes twitch and irritate only to return to a normal state. someone help me... ARRGHH ! great design =)

Irvan · hace mucho
salute. btw, where is Indonesia ? so small.

paru · hace mucho
vald's work, to me, is always sowething different to me; everytime with a different taste of fascination

Toph · hace mucho
Bad. Ass. Period.

Bingo · hace mucho
Cool wallpaper, but there's a typo in "South Pacific Kingdom". The "g" and "d" of kingdom are inverted!

Beth · hace mucho
This is really cool. Reminds me of Middle Earth. One thing, though. English Lake is actually written next to Scotland and Ireland. England can't be used interchangeably for any part of the British mainland. Sorry, but I'm Scottish and it gets to us. >.

David · hace mucho
Nevermind, found so stupid :).

dhamar · hace mucho
hey vlad, a very controversial wallpaper,huh?!! you've replied some question about New Zealand. why are you ignoring about mine? where's Indonesia? i can see that you've drawn Indonesia, but you didn't write it. in fact, you write down phillipine kingdom and taiwan Lake which are much smaLLer than Indonesia. need your explanation.

Chiemisa · hace mucho
I think this is a very interesting concept! I really like it, despite what some others seem to think.

Ribbot · hace mucho
Oh! its opposites,K!

ilgattopunx · hace mucho
i guess, as an argie, i can complain too for calling the whole south cone "brazilian"... imho, you should've used made up names, it's awkward to see just some of the "real" names. specially having in mind that brazil beat us in the last america cup :( kudos to your imagination, nevertheless ;)

Mattias · hace mucho
Really nice! What is the unnamed city on the left with the church(?) drawing next to it?

Tom · hace mucho
Cleverrrrrr I like it

3und · hace mucho
Give China Back! Seriously

MICO · hace mucho
HoOooO.........if it is being Where is my country

arabek · hace mucho
الصورة جميلة

LobsterMan · hace mucho
This is one cool wallpaper

DARK · hace mucho
Nice...that was cool

Jay-jay Delos Reyes · hace mucho
wow!!! i LOVE it!~ ohhh, thats where am from, PHILIPPINE KINGDOM!!! hehehe nice work vlad!

tt · hace mucho
New Zealand always gets left out

maurice bourget · hace mucho
Thought of Atlantis that would of made it possible to drive to London from Montreal or the othe way on four Good Year tires. In a couple of thousand years maybe. WE'LL HAVE TO GO BY BOAT TILL THEN!

Danny Boy · hace mucho
I love the style this is done in. Please do a tutorial for it!

princess-uae · hace mucho
this need more work .. i didn't like ..

Naz · hace mucho
Amazingly creative and awesome!!

rakzo · hace mucho
Bueno eh leido a un tio llorando porque no le pusieron a Nueva Zelanda, bueno si no salio Centroamerica ni algo similar, pues bueno que se le hará hasta mucho con apreciar el excelente trabajo de Vlad. Saludos.

Squeazer · hace mucho
So funny, Great stuf man

Alinka · 5 Enero 2008
That's fantatic, brillant idea)))

steve kelly · 23 Enero 2008
very interesting

ali si fila · 27 Enero 2008
very imaginative ... well done

Your Face · 28 Enero 2008
Wow!! Very Imaginative!!

evian · 10 Febrero 2008
looks good~

tripleX · 11 Febrero 2008
For my country: The Netherlands there will be not much difference. At the moment we live about 7 meters under sealevel, so on your map we should live on land also! In The Upperlands.

ahoo · 16 Febrero 2008
a very great idea well done to the illustrator

mounkid · 29 Febrero 2008
i am from algeria hi

kimura · 5 Marzo 2008

Jonstrup · 9 Marzo 2008
Nice - but how do I download one..?

Shi · 16 Marzo 2008
Want to try it

selvi · 20 Marzo 2008
Awesome, Interesting!!!!

A.J. · 26 Marzo 2008
Kingdom is misspelled in the lower left corner... it says... kindgom.

somayeh · 31 Marzo 2008
very funy wallpaper ! thanks

Matthew · 2 Abril 2008
Well done being featured on National Geographic's website!

Bob · 17 Abril 2008
great idea. thanks!

Bharadwaj · 25 Abril 2008
Excellent! this just perfect! it looks so Epic world!

anohita · 15 Mayo 2008
what a cool vlad !!!! awesome man!! · 16 Mayo 2008
B.I.G. T.H.I.N.G.!

Yun Taewon · 12 Junio 2008
음 베리 나이스!!

Esta · 19 Junio 2008
makes me want to jump on the plane and travel all around the world right now ^ ^

MADAWESOME! · 7 Julio 2008

Borno · 1 Agosto 2008
You are probably the most Creative Artist i've ever seen. Your an inspiration to all us amateur artists out here. Keep up the truly extraordinary work.

Tony · 16 Agosto 2008
Will this be made available as a poster? Please send a link.

AstonM · 9 Septiembre 2008

Unknown · 14 Septiembre 2008
Yet again, a flawless piece of Art-Put together with a STUNNING imagination

M · 7 Octubre 2008
That was a GENIUS idea. Just GENIUS!!

james lu · 2 Noviembre 2008
very nice

matt: · 17 Noviembre 2008
only one word have for it ..its awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!! merci ne pas suprimé SVP

ashnono · 17 Noviembre 2008
unbelivebely awesome

cool girl · 7 Diciembre 2008
very cool and smart i can not stop looking at it awsome

f · 14 Diciembre 2008

Alex · 27 Enero 2009
La forma de las montañas y el texto en Herculanum me recuerdan al mapa de Avatar: the last airbender. Supongo que es coincidencia.

martha · 7 Febrero 2009
How did you happen to add Labrador City to this map? That's where i live! Cool map

cool · 1 Mayo 2009
wish the world was like this.....

Zip ^_^ · 19 Mayo 2009
It's so beautiful... P.S. Продолжайте в том же духе, Влад!

hassan · 25 Agosto 2009
love this.. real surprised you named Maldives on the map.. noone ever does. thnx :)

RoVlaTi · 19 Enero 2010
Супер!!! :)

Mezriss · 20 Enero 2010
It looks just amazing! Can you please make a turtorial about this map?

Kenia · 11 Marzo 2010
Jaja thats cool best ever jeje.

Marcel Claxton · 5 Abril 2010
I wanted to have this printed out as a Poster through your link, but was wondering if there existed a more colorful version (greens and blues?)... if not it's okay, still an inspiring map!

Tensor · 3 Junio 2010
Гениальная работа! Сайт суперский. )

salwater · 28 Junio 2010
не реально крутая картинка!)

Robin · 2 Abril 2011
Can you post a new version with blue oceans?

Stefano · 22 Abril 2011
Panama Bridge is just brilliant :-) Also Baikal Island, the word's tallest island I guess :-)

What? · 25 Abril 2011
Ha! Found it elsewhere on the internet. This is one savvy shopper who won't be paying for someone's work when it should be shared for free.

miriam · 26 Abril 2011
lo scrivo in inglese... beautiful!!!

big cat · 5 Septiembre 2011
nice~i like it

Joy · 6 Septiembre 2011
woooow! nice~~~

The Judge · 11 Noviembre 2011
Where is Atlantis?

tarantallegra · 15 Agosto 2012

EPIC · 24 Septiembre 2012

Julie Jewel · 10 Mayo 2013
Not bad.

Nefi · 10 Agosto 2013
Can i do novel in this world? :D

t_78 · 11 Enero 2014

Seamus McGillicuddy · 27 Enero 2014

Lauren · 3 Noviembre 2014
Hey Nice unique idea its fun

lauren · 14 Noviembre 2014
does new zealand even exist?

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