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← The GiddyUp Tree and The Bickham Script Tree Whale (Night) →

Comentarios {32}

Swagato 17 Mayo 2008
I am the first one to comment on another great artwork done by you! Why not make it available in different coor schemes? That would be great too! Keep up the wonderful works!

Ltmboy 18 Mayo 2008
Very nice, I like the font you used to make it.

Little girl 18 Mayo 2008
AMAZING! I love it

Heather 18 Mayo 2008
This is so charming! I love it.

Michal Stružský 18 Mayo 2008
Another great idea and another great wallpaper. 8-)

janedoe 19 Mayo 2008
another fantastic wallpaper! i always wonder where do you get your inspiration from for ideas as cute as this!

leti 19 Mayo 2008
I love it :)

PoorGreg 21 Mayo 2008
Which one is male and which is female? The "." looks male but the "," looks prettier for some reason, but the "," has an extra body part which looks male. :-)

bls 22 Mayo 2008
Good creative angle. I look forward to more in the series.

AngelaC 29 Mayo 2008

tany 5 Julio 2008
i am inlove whit your work, your tutorials, i would like to work like you do

Naz 12 Septiembre 2008
Vlad, u r totally genius!!

hemant bhatt 2 Enero 2009
very nice drawing i like your creativity

Adil 24 Mayo 2009
Very nice idea and concept. I Appriciate it.

aadel 23 Enero 2012
sky where the semicolon can fly without any restrictions

ana 8 Septiembre 2013
This site is awsome.I love it.What are you doing is incredible!Keep doing because you are great!:))))

Vladimir Mastilovic 18 Mayo 2008
cuz it wouldn't b night then :P

Scott Hurst 18 Mayo 2008

Rit@ 18 Mayo 2008
I love it it's beautiful oh my god i'm going to cry ;D THANK YOU VLAD YOU ARE AWESOME !!! thanks thanks thanks you are brilliant i love your work :D;D

brum 18 Mayo 2008

Milda 18 Mayo 2008

Kareem Khazem 18 Mayo 2008
Aww... cute :)

Mufaddal 19 Mayo 2008
awesome :) :)

Moo 19 Mayo 2008

Jaideep Nadkarni 20 Mayo 2008
Very sweet!

Mariya K-W 21 Mayo 2008
You create such beautiful worlds.. The light has a special unreal quality, like in a fairy tale. It makes me want to dive through my screen and into that crystal night!

ekinella 27 Mayo 2008
this typographic work is emazing. :)

none 11 Junio 2008

M 7 Julio 2008
Aahh another fantastic idea! Surreal and beautiful, with the characteristic delicate humor. Thank you for one more lovely wallpaper! :-)

Jeff GONG 18 Marzo 2009
This is my favorite!

Grace 3 Mayo 2009
Your work is amazing!! Spectacular job!

Jennifer 6 Agosto 2009
I LOVE this wallpaper!!! It is so charming and sweet. Absolutely beautiful. I cannot say that I love this wallpaper enough. You are supremely gifted, Vlad!!! Keep it up!!!

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