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Cita QR Sabia #7

Cita QR Sabia #7

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Comentarios {8}

Stefano 11 Mayo 2011
Nice quote choice, and somewhat bold idea :-) The QR code gives a kind of sense of mistery :-) But, why publish them all at once? Cheers!

Jorge 23 Mayo 2011
Great idea, excellent quotes. You are doing something about the width and depth of your life my friend!

subrosa 4 Agosto 2011
Isn't it funny how with every one of these ideas someone misses the point and asks for a generic version instead? Seems clueless to say you like the concept when you apparently don't understand it, since you are ever-so-politely requesting that its distinguishing characteristic be removed. “It's such a great idea to embed QR codes with words of wisdom, but could you please remove the QR codes?” Or, “I love the small town map of the world, but wouldn't it be better without small towns at all?” LOL. Say what? Huh?

Carl Willetts 11 Mayo 2011
I like these Vlad but any chance of them without the QR code please?

Carl Willetts 11 Mayo 2011
Actually forget that last message. I've realised I can just download the 'right' wallpaper from the dual monitor wallpapers and that removes the QR code.

niloofar 27 Junio 2011
خیلی باحالهایول

tyson swannell 3 Marzo 2012
tutorial please?

davood 17 Abril 2012
very very nice

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