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Cita QR Sabia #1

Cita QR Sabia #1

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Comentarios {9}

Robin 10 Mayo 2011
Would love to get a text version as well, anything planned? Honestly the white of the code is kind of spoiling the wallpaper (in my eyes)

Lukas Zwadlo 10 Mayo 2011
"It´s Perfekt - Nothing left to take away" :-D i like *klick*

juria 3 Junio 2011

Kristyna Kubacova 11 Agosto 2011
I'd like the mosaic with a portrait of an eminent person (quote in LETTERS possible) much better. For one thing I'm quite conservative and for another THIS IS JUST TO GEEK!

Arnaud Desombre 10 Mayo 2011
Would love it too as my phone isn't able to translate QR codes.

Vlad Gerasimov 10 Mayo 2011
Robin: thanks for the tip! I thought QR would not work without white background, but then I tested and it worked, so I removed white and it looks better now. Thanks. Arnaud: I added the quote to wallpaper description. Thanks.

kang 7 Junio 2011
Why don't you reply my mail.

*SlipKnoT* 23 Agosto 2011
muyy bueno el fondo jajaja me puse ese

Orlando 12 Octubre 2011
Very nice, and I like the use of the QR code. I know you can do too much with the use of these codes, so go ahead. Thank you.

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