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My Way

My Way

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Comentarios {21}

Sava DUBROVSKAYA 17 Enero 2013
i think it's an awesome idea :)

Annick B 17 Enero 2013
Délicieuse cette "idée"... car le plus souvent, elle se place au centre avec les éléments qui gravitent tout autour. Maintenant, les psy se risqueront peut-être à analyser : on tourne autour de quoi, de qui : sa mère, son amour, sa vie, ... ?

kombizz 17 Enero 2013
It is very interesting

Barbra Ignatiev 18 Enero 2013
hehe I love that little wandering guy with googly eyes. google-eyes always win. cheers, vlad!

Caro 18 Enero 2013
I loved, is a genial idea!!!!!!

Virginia M Catenazzi 18 Enero 2013
I love to live in that planet! thanks! =)

Vlad Gerasimov 19 Enero 2013
Danka - oops! Puzzle added. Thanks!

Danka 20 Enero 2013
Solved! Thank you :D

Ana 9 Marzo 2013
I hail from that planet! You captured it perfectly!

bear 31 Julio 2013
Nice you have~~~~

CatBkack 15 Febrero 2014
Vladstudio is awsome.Wallpapers were colorful.I love it!!!!!!

fengshaun 17 Enero 2013
This is so awesome! :D

Kelcey 17 Enero 2013
I can't begin to tell you how awesome I think this is - I love it, instant favourite.

Coline Bettson 17 Enero 2013
Vlad ! Elizabeth, my tiny Grandaughter, is learning "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," on a small piano. Along with the notes for the song, I have gathered art, depicting stars. Your work is joining the effort ! Thank you very much, Coline, Toronto, Canada

Marquita Liappis 18 Enero 2013
Beautiful - it looks like a solar system with one planet have little eyes... love it.

Danka 19 Enero 2013
Please, Vlad, make a puzzle out of this one as well! It's lovely, and we puzzle-lovers feel denied! ;)

Alice 2 Febrero 2013
it'amazing and awesome!! Thank you so much,vlad! :-)

dinesh 5 Abril 2013
i luv ur work....

GEMA 18 Junio 2013

David Han 14 Junio 2016
Very interesting idea, and the background of this wallpaper feels really nice and comfortable.

swapankumar mazumder 21 Julio
I do not have the website which I have searched after.[at 2:20 AM on the FRIDAY,21/07/2017]

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