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Moon Phases

Moon Phases

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Comentarios {24}

Im :-) 2 Octubre 2010
first :) really well done and different

Sam 2 Octubre 2010
Amazing work. I absolutely love your wallpapers!

joyrex 3 Octubre 2010
Oh there it is, my new iPad lockscreen wallpaper :)

Kunsil Lee 3 Octubre 2010

Jo 4 Octubre 2010
But for us people in the Southern Hemisphere its wrong!!!!! Our crescent is C shaped! Don't forget the people in NZ!!!

six degrees 9 Octubre 2010
hey where is the no moon night ? when there is no moon ?

Shelly 13 Octubre 2010
CooL! i like time stop stars, could you plz make one with just stars and no moon otherwise, awesome!

Some dude on your website 2 Diciembre 2010
I know its kinda late now but I was hoping you could make one with the labels of the different moon phases. It would be much more educational. Also if you could include the new moon phase in there that would be great.

Tauheed 27 Mayo 2011
Nice Shot. Vlad

evelynh 21 Enero 2012
its horrible...

Krishna Mohan 9 Julio 2014
It would be nice if the wallpaper/background changed in a live fashion (perhaps daily is fine) to be in sychrony with the exact phase of the moon

Kaz 2 Octubre 2010
I love the time-lapsed stars

Noura 2 Octubre 2010
good job (Y)

Alele 3 Octubre 2010
Great Moom! : )

Tusnelda 3 Octubre 2010
Great Vlad, Like Always, Thank You!

hamiii 4 Octubre 2010
it is best of .................................................................?

Andrea Knaus 6 Octubre 2010
Great Job! Thank you!

Dddaniel 9 Octubre 2010
This is really cool!!!!

Vida Hernaus 13 Octubre 2010
very nice!!

Vladimir 15 Octubre 2010
where is more lessons, please

Аня 8 Diciembre 2010

Иван 28 Febrero 2011
есть немного недоработок... А в целом хорошо смотрится!

prashandh 17 Agosto 2011

courtney 25 Mayo 2012
I likeit and I don't like it in some way

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