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Little Problem

Little Problem

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Comentarios {19}

Paolo 4 Junio 2008
Fantastic !!

LucasDT 5 Junio 2008
Still great as the green one, but the scarf and shoelases should be in a contrasting color... in this case, a blue, or green would be great

Scott Wallace 5 Junio 2008
Like the background. It would be nice to have just the background.

Leti 6 Junio 2008
very funny! :D

zena 7 Junio 2008
perfect ...................!!!! nice ne hehehehe...

polly 10 Junio 2008
crazy idea:) poor centipede o_O

Ramy 17 Junio 2008

Стю 6 Agosto 2008
здОрово!:) такая добрая картинка...

NeZaM 8 Septiembre 2008

valentina 10 Junio 2010
demasiado enc@nta

Lori 4 Junio 2008

Juliet (Where's Romeo?) 5 Junio 2008
Love, love, love, love, love it!!!

peťulka 5 Junio 2008
centipede is lovely (though there could be more colours, like the scarf as LucasDT mentioned), but i think the surrounding is too empty.. i know that the beauty of vlad´s work is its relative simplicity, but isn´t this too much..? i miss little (funny?!) something here... or even different pattern and colour of the floor would be ok..

Xavier Robin 7 Junio 2008
Nice idea

Marija 8 Junio 2008
hihihi it's good :)

:: saathiyaana : 17 Junio 2008

Ram 17 Junio 2008
gr8 work

Anisha 4 Septiembre 2008

alex 20 Febrero 2009
wow, awersome pictures, they are very original. this is art:)

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