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Felíz día de San Valentín

Felíz día de San Valentín

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Comentarios {19}

huahua hace mucho
Are the hearts trying to escape?

BILOOOOO hace mucho

BILOOOOO hace mucho
bonjouu sa bien

Nataly hace mucho
Love is the only thing, that makes a person from creature

Lucia hace mucho
(L)(L)(L) love is in the air (L)(L)(L)

mostafa hace mucho
>>>---------> (L)

ele 29 Enero 2008
happy valentine's day from italy!!!!

Stephanie Moor 11 Septiembre 2009
Ihre Destop-Bilder sind süß, lustig ,faszinierent und cool!

bob 9 Febrero 2010
It is great no matter how you slice it. It makes me laugh. Oh and Nataly love is one of many things that make us different.

bella 12 Octubre 2012
it did make me happy thanks

Priyanka 14 Febrero 2013
its a perfect picture for velentine

Alex hace mucho

ALE hace mucho

Fransheska hace mucho
(L)(L)(L)Feliz San Valentín a todos(L)(L)(L), saludos desde Costa Rica

hace mucho
Ëþáîâü - ýòî, áëàãîäàðÿ ÷åìó, ñóùåñòâî ïðåâðàùàåòñÿ â ÷åëîâåêà;-)

Lights hace mucho
happy valentine's day vlad (L) new fan of urs great work creative ideas

Joel 26 Abril 2008
Super Chevereeeeeeee!!!!

Tiffany B 29 Noviembre 2009
i love your wallpapers! they change the way i view things and think about things! This one is especially interesting, though i think it would be better if it was in a different style-- maybe the edges smoother like the way the hearts are in the bottom...

Winnie 4 Agosto 2010
I want to know what is it in your brain that you are so creative. Love your art work!

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