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Fountains of Siberia

Fountains of Siberia

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Comentarios {36}

César Eduardo Aguilera 9 Mayo 2010
First. & and I love it. Great work as usual Vlad :D

Renji Thomas 9 Mayo 2010
Thats a beautiful fountain there.. Nice work!

laura 9 Mayo 2010
il est hyper beau

Sveta Kalinina 9 Mayo 2010
Влад, что-то не могу сообразить, который? У Баргузина?

Kelcey 10 Mayo 2010
This is a stunning photograph Vlad and it makes an awesome wallpaper.

Sveta Kalinina 11 Mayo 2010
ох, что я пропустила! ) спасибо за красоту.

istanbul 13 Mayo 2010
they look like dancing people... like party =)

Mufaddal 18 Mayo 2010
The russian Flag..... i love fountains ... nothing brings their unique joy :) beautiful - bless u vlad ur work is amazing :)

Sanket Rathod 18 Mayo 2010
ochen kraseevo!

Soozy 21 Mayo 2010

richard 22 Mayo 2010
Who took the picture of my house! Damn

Mellllanic 26 Mayo 2010
every thing gonna be OK . be patient Vlad . that's great

lulu 20 Junio 2010
love it ^_^

ChildrenOfMen 20 Julio 2010
perfect ;)

Ana 30 Septiembre 2010
fotos fantasticas esolhe esta 29 Octubre 2010
ой...это красота в Иркутске же? =)

Oshvina 21 Enero 2011
IT IS FANTASTIC! I lovvvvve it ,it's so beautiful !! vlad. what you did is amazing you are so talented !!!!

niki 19 Octubre 2011
omg this very good D

jasoom 22 Diciembre 2011
its cool

clayton 11 Agosto 2012
Very nice! Any way you can make a like wallpaper ofthe fountains?

Jaideep Nadkarni 9 Mayo 2010
Great lighting, you're fortunate to have such lovely fountains in your town!

Mathew Morse 9 Mayo 2010
Really great shot! These are in your town?? Haha, very cool.

Robin Bagley 9 Mayo 2010
What a lovely fountain! It must be nice to have access to such a beautiful place!

Vlad Gerasimov 9 Mayo 2010
Света, привет! Правильно не можешь :-) Его только пару недель как открыли. Перекресток Карла Маркса и Франк-Каменецкого, новый музей города.

Voff Rudykh 12 Mayo 2010
Вы, Света, такая не одна:) Спасибо, Влад!

ghie 14 Mayo 2010
sebuah karya seni yang menakjubkan... seni yang memiliki arti begitu dalam, dan memiliki penampilan yang bagus.... like this..

Миша Манукян 20 Mayo 2010
Спасибо Вам, Влад! Я недавно наткнулся на ваш сайт, и мне очень понравились ваши работы!

Im :-) 22 Mayo 2010

siddhartha 24 Mayo 2010
gr8 work as all ur work

Raj 1 Junio 2010
That's one of the best wallpaper's that I have had on for my BlackBerry, as the Black colour looks very rich on it's high-res screen, the only problem is that the icons are at the bottom of the screen which pratially blocks the view of the fountain, otherwise it is very beautiful. Thanks.

louise 26 Octubre 2010
il est beau mais il ne va pas mon fond d'écran

Laurel Wilson 29 Noviembre 2010
It's lovely! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

paurush.m.taunk 18 Junio 2011
your work is so nice.i appritiate your work.

Martin 6 Septiembre 2011

pau 22 Diciembre 2011
it seems fantasy

дядяМиша 28 Mayo 2012
Я даже знаю откуда сюжет)

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