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Soñador 2 (Noche)

Soñador 2 (Noche)

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Comentarios {33}

essie hace mucho

James hace mucho

1600 Right is broken hace mucho
This image 1600-Right seems to have a bad problem. There is a strange color band across it. If you would, please upload again and let us know it's fixed--this is perhaps my favorite wallpaper, and I'm getting a second monitor soon. Thanks.

huggybear hace mucho
this is way cool

mavi hace mucho
that remains me i need to buy light bulbs! but by the way that's a cool one! man!

athena hace mucho
Increíbles, super!

gianny.. hace mucho
soo cool..

son hace mucho
so so so so so so so so so so so

Lyn hace mucho

Mohammad hace mucho
Cool (Y)

gezgin hace mucho
really nice!

Caline hace mucho
Love these two. Great job Vlad!!

kacenka hace mucho
sooooo cooool! I ALWAYS think you can´t make any better wallpaper and you ALWAYS can!!!! (Y)

catpremo7 hace mucho
beautiful blue - my favorite so far (well next to bob;-)

ana lucia hace mucho
ha hilarious!

sam 13 Julio 2008
everything in this site is so beautiful, it's always hard for me to choose a wallpaper for my desktop...

archScandium hace mucho
how DO you get that texture! ...It's breathtaking.

archScandium hace mucho
how DO you get that texture! ...It's breathtaking.

steffer hace mucho
This is how I feel when solving engineering problems in my sleep... I'm such a genius... until I wake up. :-p

MaGaLy hace mucho
Me GuStA MaS EsTe ...!!! pReFiErO WaLLpApErS ObScUrOs (N)

Vanja hace mucho
oh my!!!! It is me

zlato hace mucho
kakva ideja.... svaka chast!

speedy hace mucho
ur a geniussssssssss

Elusive hace mucho
Yea,inspiration hits me too about that hour.Amazing how you get to the core!!!!!

so-jeong lee hace mucho

Narada hace mucho
Vlad. I found the two Dreamer creations quite apt and hilarious as I have someone in mind who would fit that connotation perfectly. Great humour.

xo hace mucho

misbach hace mucho
I like it, light in the dark. good

GauL hace mucho
Vlad, this so COOL. You have painted well the nature of the head! (Y)(Y)(Y)

jade hace mucho
...ideas always seem to come at me when everyone else is "out" for the night. Perhaps that is a "self portrait"?...vry good! Thank you!

vmn 17 Abril 2008

Fewer 12 Noviembre 2008
a lot fun

ehsan 29 Marzo 2014

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