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Dragonología 3

Dragonología 3

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Comentarios {43}

nemo hace mucho
I was forced to manually search for Dragonology 3 since the keyword "dragon" is misspelled as "gradon". It's well worth the effort -- just wanted to let you know about the keyword. Impressive artwork, Vlad.

Oska hace mucho
Cool image

azita hace mucho
in yeki kheyli tokhmi bod!omidvaram tekrar nash.

sheena hace mucho
bloody b'utiful ! as always

Torsten Leske hace mucho
Wow - Super Wallpaper !!!

poone hace mucho
i hate it ;(

amanuel hace mucho
fantastic this going to be amazing

IDn hace mucho
a nice big one!

lola hace mucho
I hate it needs girl ones

natasha hace mucho
wicked!!!! i love dragons myself!!

mikkitaro hace mucho
i see, that explains the solar image

ribbot hace mucho
I have book called dragonology

ozlem hace mucho
Once again you stole my heart. I love almost every part of your art. Lizards, chamaleos and geckos are close relatives to dragons, so hopefully we'll see a Mayan design soon. Great desktop!

Gman hace mucho
Good Skill and Good Skin I like the emoticon

john hace mucho
that face on my left is meant to look overwhelmed at the total awesomeness of your work. im not into dragons, but i can see you are.. which is good. keep it up vlad! p.s. i thought that dragonology 2 was better but gd job anyway.

ReZe hace mucho
Hi Vlado, I love your pics! I will appreciate dragons in blue, ... in fact in "your blue" thanks! Looknig forward to next pics for my notebook wallpaper ;) Thanks!!

Rebe hace mucho
I am speachless! Beautiful

Moo hace mucho
terminator: You have to be registered to download the widescreen versions. I really like the dragons! :)

Jeer hace mucho
Its the best dragon

снова я 19 Enero 2008
лавли!лавли! ниче другого придумать мы не в состоянии!

xsdbi 6 Marzo 2008
DRAGONOLOGY IS AWESEME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO ARE DRAGONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KILL ALL WHO DENEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ivan 13 Marzo 2010
no coment

Ethan hace mucho
your new dragon is great! but my favorite one was Dragonology 2. keep it up

Eugenia hace mucho
I was thinking a wallpaper called "the two and the dragon would be really great! I love dragons too, but my favorite wallpapers are the ones with the two! Thank you for your work, it always makes me smile.

Jahrel hace mucho
Thanks, Vlad. Incredible!

ankit hace mucho

Adelheid In Wonderland hace mucho
Lovely, Like Nothing Else!

Dibakar Jana hace mucho

Phillip hace mucho
This one is awsome to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

C hace mucho
into dragons, are we???? ;)

dhilon hace mucho
the dragon is vert nice!

Vlad Gerasimov hace mucho
To all - thanks for your comments! To UWO: you see, realism is not my strong point :-) I wanted to make my dragon a bit symbolic, not too real. I also wanted it to be 'positive', not scary. Something a bit more than simple silhouette, but not real image still. I found shape of dragon very difficult to work with, and I'll need more practice to improve my skills here. Thanks!

callo hace mucho
good skills vlad

Janice Chaves hace mucho
It´s wonderful to me make a tour in your site. I love !!! Congratulations !!!

Minh hace mucho
when will you create a "phoenix" wallpaper ?? plz let me know by then ;) this dragonology is also great :D

Lucia hace mucho
I love this dragon :)

mostafa hace mucho
WoWo wOw ... its biautifull .........YES!

Cynthia hace mucho
Awesome! Great job! Thanks for sharing.

uwo hace mucho
sorry vLad, but i think it's a LittLe bit too stiff.... i prefer the dragon is blended with the backround without reducing the Light effect. and i think the dragon is just Look Like a cartoon sticker on children's bedroom door. not Like a great and hoLLy dragon that i imagine. i don't quite understand what you are trying to teLL me bout your picture. i don't get the story in this one. not Like your other pictures which are AWSOME!!! but it's nice anyway

terminator hace mucho
i wanna download widerscreen pics but i cant

Vlad fan 27 Enero 2008
OMG this is da best, i love dragons! Well done, keep it up Vlad.

Lan Vercan Demanor 30 Mayo 2008
Gerlay vei bor con cell me ola Coller bveb SO slel der beronde!!!!!!!!

Tobin 14 Diciembre 2009

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