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Dragonología 3

Dragonología 3

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Comentarios 43

Adelheid In Wonderland · hace mucho
Lovely, Like Nothing Else!

Eugenia · hace mucho
I was thinking a wallpaper called "the two and the dragon would be really great! I love dragons too, but my favorite wallpapers are the ones with the two! Thank you for your work, it always makes me smile.

Jahrel · hace mucho
Thanks, Vlad. Incredible!

sheena · hace mucho
bloody b'utiful ! as always

ribbot · hace mucho
I have book called dragonology

poone · hace mucho
i hate it ;(

Phillip · hace mucho
This one is awsome to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

C · hace mucho
into dragons, are we???? ;)

nemo · hace mucho
I was forced to manually search for Dragonology 3 since the keyword "dragon" is misspelled as "gradon". It's well worth the effort -- just wanted to let you know about the keyword. Impressive artwork, Vlad.

mikkitaro · hace mucho
i see, that explains the solar image

ozlem · hace mucho
Once again you stole my heart. I love almost every part of your art. Lizards, chamaleos and geckos are close relatives to dragons, so hopefully we'll see a Mayan design soon. Great desktop!

Gman · hace mucho
Good Skill and Good Skin I like the emoticon

john · hace mucho
that face on my left is meant to look overwhelmed at the total awesomeness of your work. im not into dragons, but i can see you are.. which is good. keep it up vlad! p.s. i thought that dragonology 2 was better but gd job anyway.

Jeer · hace mucho
Its the best dragon

Moo · hace mucho
terminator: You have to be registered to download the widescreen versions. I really like the dragons! :)

Cynthia · hace mucho
Awesome! Great job! Thanks for sharing.

ReZe · hace mucho
Hi Vlado, I love your pics! I will appreciate dragons in blue, ... in fact in "your blue" thanks! Looknig forward to next pics for my notebook wallpaper ;) Thanks!!

natasha · hace mucho
wicked!!!! i love dragons myself!!

Vlad fan · 27 Enero 2008
OMG this is da best, i love dragons! Well done, keep it up Vlad.

Lan Vercan Demanor · 30 Mayo 2008
Gerlay vei bor con cell me ola Coller bveb SO slel der beronde!!!!!!!!

Tobin · 14 Diciembre 2009

dhilon · hace mucho
the dragon is vert nice!

Ethan · hace mucho
your new dragon is great! but my favorite one was Dragonology 2. keep it up

Oska · hace mucho
Cool image

azita · hace mucho
in yeki kheyli tokhmi bod!omidvaram tekrar nash.

ankit · hace mucho

Torsten Leske · hace mucho
Wow - Super Wallpaper !!!

Dibakar Jana · hace mucho

amanuel · hace mucho
fantastic this going to be amazing

IDn · hace mucho
a nice big one!

lola · hace mucho
I hate it needs girl ones

Vlad Gerasimov · hace mucho
To all - thanks for your comments! To UWO: you see, realism is not my strong point :-) I wanted to make my dragon a bit symbolic, not too real. I also wanted it to be 'positive', not scary. Something a bit more than simple silhouette, but not real image still. I found shape of dragon very difficult to work with, and I'll need more practice to improve my skills here. Thanks!

callo · hace mucho
good skills vlad

Janice Chaves · hace mucho
It´s wonderful to me make a tour in your site. I love !!! Congratulations !!!

Minh · hace mucho
when will you create a "phoenix" wallpaper ?? plz let me know by then ;) this dragonology is also great :D

Lucia · hace mucho
I love this dragon :)

mostafa · hace mucho
WoWo wOw ... its biautifull .........YES!

terminator · hace mucho
i wanna download widerscreen pics but i cant

Rebe · hace mucho
I am speachless! Beautiful

uwo · hace mucho
sorry vLad, but i think it's a LittLe bit too stiff.... i prefer the dragon is blended with the backround without reducing the Light effect. and i think the dragon is just Look Like a cartoon sticker on children's bedroom door. not Like a great and hoLLy dragon that i imagine. i don't quite understand what you are trying to teLL me bout your picture. i don't get the story in this one. not Like your other pictures which are AWSOME!!! but it's nice anyway

снова я · 19 Enero 2008
лавли!лавли! ниче другого придумать мы не в состоянии!

xsdbi · 6 Marzo 2008
DRAGONOLOGY IS AWESEME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO ARE DRAGONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KILL ALL WHO DENEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ivan · 13 Marzo 2010
no coment

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