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Catedrales: Duomo di Milano, Milán

Catedrales: Duomo di Milano, Milán

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Comentarios 7

From Milan · hace mucho
Vlad, this is simply amazing! This series is fantastic, btw... And... happy 2008!! To you and to your family :)

Lish · 4 Enero 2008
Vlad, I love your work and I think this series is very good and original. Have you heard of the Catedral Primada de America in Dominican Republic? You should check it out, it was the first one in the New World. Keep up the good job!

BellaAle · 29 Marzo 2008
Wow thank you for this! I live in Milan and i love this!

mehdi · hace mucho
indeed a good series Seems a hard and "lengthy" work can u do a similar Mosque-series or just a single similar mosque-wallpaper? (please! for all ur muslim fans !)

Sai · 9 Enero 2008
Vlad, This is so simple but nice. I love your works. Thanks and Happy new year 2008

beppe · 15 Enero 2008
WOW i come from Milan...i see il Duomo every day...good reproduction

Margarita Visvydas · 5 Mayo 2008
Vlad, your work is creative and extremely beautiful. My 12-month purchase registration yesterday was well worth it. Your creations to me are graphic masterpieces - no one else can match your imaginative style. Glad to surf your website.

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