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Comentarios 24

Jaideep · hace mucho
Neat & elegant

undead faery · hace mucho
Ooh, I love the contrast, and the softness, and the glow--makes me want to go there or just sit and stare at it with a cup of chai tea in hand. Or coffee. Either way, great picture! 'Tis perfect.

lu · hace mucho
el museo de las torturas podri estar mejor, las maniquies con postura de baile flamenco metidas en jaulas ( donde se suponen que eran torturadas las mujeres) son pateticas, ¿se creen que los visitantes somos tontos o que?(u)

Vlad · hace mucho
This is the place to see.. Locally you can buy multilanguage booklet covering history, photos, and more...

Max · hace mucho
good job, this wallpaper is very nice ;-)

Ajay · hace mucho
Simplyt fabulous! Great to look at - sometimes its energy, sometimes its hope in teh darkness, sometimes its a visual delight...see it your way!

MAREK & ZUZU · hace mucho

kim · hace mucho
I am sorry, I don`t know how that bad smilie got in my message !

kim · hace mucho
I like it very much and I tell you why: the colours and the motiv are beautiful. On this wallpaper my icons do not disturb the totality because I can place them on the top. My compliment, I love your page!! Kim from germany

Lo0ping · hace mucho
with it, I'am at home !!!! great !!! good job !!! :)

Ivan · hace mucho
i´ve seen better ________________ vi mejores

koko · hace mucho

Erick Valle · hace mucho
un saludo a sujeidy

ceylan · hace mucho
geil! fettes schloß. ich komm dich besuchen(Y) :-)

Yo Yo · hace mucho
It's like "heaven on earth" place, an ultimate dream of all human. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Dzuny · hace mucho
Nice and nice. I've never seen Carcassone... :-)

kellies · hace mucho
Thanks for the pictures. I've never seen that. I think that you have a good job, but i found someone which name is Astabo Elisabeth.

Fox Mulder · hace mucho
Beautiful shot! Thanks a lot for publishing it! (Y) (Y) (Y)

Alycia · hace mucho
Parlez vous français? France is a beautiful place and you are continually capturing the essence of it in your pictures. :-O Again you have succeeded in taking a captivating picture.

nona · hace mucho
i wish i could be there right now. its so beautiful!

Lucifer · hace mucho
I like it! It's my wallpaper right now :) OK, it's not the best, but it's nice.

Walter · hace mucho
(N) Not the best of this site

The Ass Owl · hace mucho
A pretty picture but not from the best of this site.

Jon · 30 Mayo 2008
Decent picture but the name of the town is Carcassonne with en e at the end. Fabulous city to walk around.

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