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Unidos 3

Unidos 3

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Comentarios {23}

Sebastian hace mucho
Mystery and Power

Kruppt hace mucho
Kool Paper Kruppt

Trisha hace mucho
(N)sry i dont really like it the blue streaks should be more blended

Jannel hace mucho
I think this is awesome. It really caught my attention.

David hace mucho
I think it would be neat to remove the talisman (sp?) so we can catch a glimpse of the beautiful background. Nice wallpaper. You are very talented, Vlad.

Noelle hace mucho
You know how to capture the surreal life without killing it for the sake of art or science. Excellent job. I support you completely.

ryan hace mucho
i think it the best one yet:-)(y)

Sneha hace mucho

Lasse Havelund hace mucho
Very neat.

Saumitra hace mucho
You da man Vlad!! :D

Jaideep hace mucho
Simply perfect (Y) :-)

Z-Dawg hace mucho
I (L) this one! I give it a (Y)!!! Totally AWESOME :-)

Tom 3 Febrero 2011

sajjad(سجا hace mucho
والا ما که نفهمیدیم این چیه .. اما هر چی هست زیباست... I can't understand what is that...but.. however it is beutiful

MikeV hace mucho
Al of your work is just AMAZING! I found your site about 6 months ago and I don't use anything but your artwork on my PC and I've recieved great compliments.... I tell them all "Ya got to check it out" Hey man... I plan on purchasing a membership to your site soon. Once I get out of the poor house. Your work is WELL worth it. Keep up the great work. UNREAL Bro!!! Mike

FaRsHaD hace mucho
TooooOOOOOOoooooP~~~~~~I LoVe IT

xenon hace mucho
ıt s good

Smoked Sausage Log hace mucho
Its 2 fishies!!

aydin hace mucho
good very good it is amazing

Justin hace mucho
wow! how did you create the actual background. not the talisman...i know you traced that, but the blue background is awesome! i wouldnt mind a semi-tutorial on how you created it. ;-)

drew hace mucho
its good

مهرا hace mucho
Unbelievable (Y) I'm Lovin' it (L)

JohnnyBoy 19 Marzo 2011
This looks awesome on my iPhone. It would be great to have a red version for the lock screen!

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