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Lake Baikal - Another Sunset

Lake Baikal - Another Sunset

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Comentarios {19}

efand 5 Enero 2009
uwoooh!!! i scored hat trick on first comment and this wallpaper is so coool! hey vlad, how about making tutorial video??

qubra.turkey 8 Enero 2009
woooaaooaoooww... very nice.. i like it.. çok beğendim.. bayıldım.. Congratulations! :)

pete 31 Enero 2009
wow what a beautiful view :-)

brytni 9 Febrero 2009
only -25C? i wish, i got to school where it gets down to -31C. -25 sounds like a warm day. :)

Martym 5 Marzo 2009
Love the image, just one question though. just off to the left of the outcropping there are three dark shapes, what is that (are they)?

1 Abril 2009
very Nice, thanks.

NICU 2 Abril 2009

ko co tên 28 Junio 2009
bọn đầu đất ko cho anh down à? chào vĩnh biệt

Jayson 2 Noviembre 2009
The three dark shapes just to the left of the point on the land look like birds =)

sam 8 Octubre 2010
Wish I could find pictures like that

Oziel 5 Enero 2009
Beautiful! Thx Vlad...

vladfan42 6 Enero 2009
i luv this wallpaper! its so beautiful!

Andrea Traversa 7 Enero 2009
Bellissimo, complimenti.

Jynrya 8 Enero 2009
Stunning... Such nice colors and hues. I simply love how the water looks, too! ^__^

11 Enero 2009
не,как-то не красиво.смазано все.и мысли нет у фотографии...море,закат...банально.

Amy 21 Febrero 2009

cmgi 28 Febrero 2009
So nice!

Маша 30 Marzo 2009
Какое море! не смешите меня.... в том-то и соль, что Байкал - это озеро) Прекрасный wallpaper!)

1 Junio 2009
hello i am greeting you from Paraguay i am on researching some about the ice circels found and come to your site. Never i kowed about the sea,never have got a picture of this wonderfull world and i will post the image in my twos blogs,i will use the first two o three images with the resoluction 800x480 48 Kb 800x600 62 Kb 1024x600 73 Kb, so i am not steal you this wonderfull image.Thank for all and its some wrong whith take this picture on the small resoluction,i will not do nothing with it. my blogs are espanol, and the other some for Kids,for education, ...Kid´s universumm... greets Josef Bauer

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