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El Arbol de Otoño

El Arbol de Otoño

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Comentarios {45}

Sophie 19 Septiembre 2011
I love it how you just used squares Vlad. :)

Franco 20 Septiembre 2011
So never fail to impress!

Dmitry 20 Septiembre 2011
Спасибо, оч красиво! ;)

birol yilmaz 21 Septiembre 2011
thanks for sharing this with us after a long time of waiting for your works..

Vlad Gerasimov 21 Septiembre 2011
Jennifer Alexandra: you got it right!

Paolo 21 Septiembre 2011

Vida Hernaus 22 Septiembre 2011
Thanks!! It was wort waiting :D

Patricia Chapin 22 Septiembre 2011
This makes me want a cup of hot chocolate, it is beautiful. Thank you!

PJ 22 Septiembre 2011
My favorite time of year... you captured it perfectly... thanks!

Livanco 23 Septiembre 2011
Красота прямо в мой день рождения спасибо! Опавшие листья смотрятся красиво )

Andrea 23 Septiembre 2011
very nice, it will be my wallpaper for autumn, thanks :-)

Asmita 25 Septiembre 2011

Jaideep Nadkarni 28 Septiembre 2011
Nice idea replacing leaves with pages. Love it...

Barbara 30 Septiembre 2011
I just discovered your web site today, and I am in awe of the beauty and whimsy of your creations!! I have never seen anything like your art, and I wish you could teach me, personally! Thank you so much!!

Kyle 9 Octubre 2011
I love your wallpapers, especially the ones that are seasonally thematic. This one is perfect for fall!

Avril 10 Octubre 2011

16 Octubre 2011
Love it! ;)

MsRose 20 Octubre 2011
Reminds me of the classic 'Change of Seasons' picture by Silveryn.

wa 8 Noviembre 2011
I like it

knit247 14 Noviembre 2011
I love your work! TY so much for making these!

deepak chandravanshi 22 Diciembre 2011
best clock wallpepar, beautifull, My favorite

fidel 25 Noviembre 2012
is so funny . I'm playing and playing

ran 19 Septiembre 2013

munir 20 Septiembre 2011
You know what, you are awesome.. You inspire all of every time..

Gorby 20 Septiembre 2011
Great one. Thanks a lot !

mhtrinh 20 Septiembre 2011
Original and very nice square leaves. Great wallpaper as always.

Jennifer Alexandra 21 Septiembre 2011
Very nice! The leaves remind me a little of Post-It Notes: a perfect wallpaper for my office!

Jorge 21 Septiembre 2011
So beautiful, thank you Vlad!

Funky's Mama 21 Septiembre 2011
No apologies necessary; I love it, and it's already on my desktop, counting the hours & days away. Thanks!

Ziani 22 Septiembre 2011 the colours...thanks my friend

shabnam 22 Septiembre 2011
love it, its my lovely season

OMG 23 Septiembre 2011
Vlad could you please post the PSD for this one? Please I'm begging you! I want to animate this!

shabnam 23 Septiembre 2011
i would also really like you 2 post psd for this...

Zodiaka 23 Septiembre 2011
Me encanta todo lo de VlatStudio!!!!

JOKER 25 Septiembre 2011

Jilly 28 Septiembre 2011
Sooooooo cool

Khursheed Alam 3 Octubre 2011
Awesome........... extra ordinary wallpapers.. Thank you for sharing with us.... I'll upload this wallpapers to my blog... :)

Dani Amine Alves 5 Octubre 2011
You know what Vlad ? for me, you are the best designer I've ever seen, I love your Ideas, Imagination, point of view... I Love all the picture you've created ! Sorry I'm Algerian, I learn, I'm a begginer =P GOOD LUCK IN YOUR "Vladstudio" LIFE =)

dweiss 20 Octubre 2011
Love this! Looks great on my phone and is a perfect wallpaper for Autumn!

Azhar Nadeem Shani 23 Octubre 2011 site.

Niloo 23 Octubre 2011
Great ..But i would like triangle leaf more :P

Yasser 16 Noviembre 2011
Intriguing concept.

Adam 26 Noviembre 2011
Can't see the clock....

Dipsa 14 Mayo 2012
Fallen leaves under the tree looks like cat food, exactly the same color and shape : ) Nice work! thanks. love it.

cindy 27 Agosto 2014
peaceful landscape

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