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New Zealand, I'll Be There!

11 Febrero 2009

I'm traveling to New Zealand until the end of March. Woo-hoo! There will probably be no new wallpapers during my travel. I hope to make you bored with hundreds of photo-wallpapers when I am back :-)
Meanwhile, I just made a wallpaper about New Zealand -

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ReZe · 11 Febrero 2009
I just came back! How inspiring coutnry! I love your new wallpaper because I fell in love with that country as well and cant wait for new ones when you arrive ... It will all reminds me great 9 months I spent in this georgeous pace! Take care Vlad and enjoy all the adrenalin and nature trips! Renata

pfennig59 · 12 Febrero 2009
Vlad, I wish you a great time. Stay safe. I'm looking forward the every single wallpaper you will surprise us with. Love your Kiwi Kiwi. My niece went as a student to NZ and really enjoyed it. I sent her a link to the Kiwis.

patrvic · 12 Febrero 2009
It just might ad to your virtuoso. Have a great stay.

A kiwi · 14 Febrero 2009
Please do something with a tuatara............... or one of our frogs............... or there is the yellow eyed penguin. No wetas plz!!!

Guytree · 24 Febrero 2009
You are awesome Vlad....I am visiting your site for the first time and fell in love :).... Have a fun and safe trip look forward to more wall papers!!

· 28 Febrero 2009
your wallpaper i so cool i just descovered this site about 3 days ago then keeped comming back i hope you have some new wallpaper after you come back.

Guillermo Rico · 25 Marzo 2009
Hey Vlad, where are the new wallpapers? Do you find any kind inspiration on the "kangaroo" ?

Christoph Schröder · 30 Marzo 2009
Go to purakanui on the south island. beautiful beach with absolute no people.

Urszula Czarkowska · 11 Febrero 2009
Oh Vlad, you're so lucky!javascript:void(0) Enjoy your trip and bring tons of photos! I can't wait already...

Terri GottFree · 11 Febrero 2009
Have a awesome trip, and take lots of pics. I love your site especially the wallpaper.... be careful and have fun.

Jeremy Kemp · 12 Febrero 2009
I just moved to Auckland in November. Where will you be traveling? It's a beautiful country to visit!

jung · 12 Febrero 2009
well that was totally unexpected! I'm from NZ! and I also own a wallpaper site! I really like yours!

Val · 20 Febrero 2009
I just found your site today and wanted to say I love your art. Thank you for the free wallpaper. I will probably be coming back to purchase a poster sometime soon!

Karen · 22 Febrero 2009
Wat een prachtige website, achtergronden EN tutorials! keep going!

Valerie · 2 Marzo 2009
Vlad, How about doing a wallpaper that features kites? Hope you have a great trip!

: ) · 21 Marzo 2009
I live in NZ! Please make some wallpaper with things like tuataras or Hector's dolphins or something!

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