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Who Stole The Moon? - free (paper) book giveaway

28 Marzo 2014

[UPDATE - all books have been sent out and this post is now for history only.]

Book photo

Some time ago, when I was young and naive, I self-published a book with my illustrations, "Who Stole The Moon?". It sold steadily... for some time. Then I realized what most people in similar situation do - to keep sales going, you need to stop drawing/working/whatever you're doing and start marketing. I was always awful at marketing, so sales basically stopped by now. And because I am now full-time employed, I have no enegry left to spend on pushing the sales.

However, I have an idea what I should do about the remaining books. A couple of times, I sent batches of books to my friends from charity fund helping children with Epidermolysis bullosa - (I'm glad I have a chance to promote them here!) Instead of gathering dust in my mother's apartment, I'd rather see these books in children's hands.

So here is the deal. If you participate in something related to children aged 2-6 (kindergarten, charity fund, health care center, hospital, etc) and are interested, I will send you "Who Stole The Moon?" for free.

The photos are below. For more information, please email to (do NOT contact me using comments on this page). Thanks!

Book photo

Book photo

Book photo

Book photo

Book photo

Book photo

Book photo

Book photo

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Rob · 28 Marzo 2014
My kids and I really enjoy this book. Sorry it hasn't worked out the best. It's well done. - Rob (Illinois, USA)

Pat LaRue · 7 Abril 2014
I bought this book for my granddaughter as a Christmas present when it first came out. Just the other day my son told me they had to "retire" it because it was read and read and read and read to the point of falling apart. Thanks for writing such a wonderful story!

Pharmg130 · 13 Agosto 2016
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Pharmd679 · 13 Agosto 2016
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Smithe541 · 31 Agosto 2016
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David · 20 Noviembre 2016
Nice ebook!

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Ramona · 28 Marzo 2014
If all the people on the planet would do what you're doing this would be a better world.

Philippe Maire · 29 Marzo 2014
Is there any way we can buy the book in France ? I'd love to get it for my daughter, she'll learn english some day :-) Found it on amazon, but no copies are available :(

valeras · 12 Junio 2014
hey Vlad, i am fan of you work 4 years now :) i wonder if would be possible to publish this book in lithuanian? I would gladly help.. Valeras

Pharma765 · 31 Agosto 2016
Very nice site!

Damien Muscle · 20 Septiembre 2016
this looks amazing if you ask me MuscleCheats

Jan Wilco · 19 Mayo
Amazing artworks! Filled with humor. Powerful in its simplicity. I love it! You’re so talented!

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