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Halloween on a Little Planet - making of (video)

{22 Octubre 2011}

Once again I did not forget to turn on screen recording while I created my latest wallpaper, Halloween on a Little Planet!

I recommend that you:

This is a 5-minute time lapse. If you are curious about any specific details, download real-time 3-hour video here:
vladstudio_halloween_little_planet_realtime.m4v (3 hours, 200 mb).

Created by Vlad Gerasimov /
Music - Lumiere by Camille /

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Comentarios {8}

ЕЛЕНА 22 Octubre 2011

25 Octubre 2011
Lovely and fun to watch. Thanks also for exposing me to a new musical artist as well.

Susana 29 Octubre 2011
You are amazing VLAD! You are my Photoshop Idol. Your imagination and your creations are wonderful. Greetings from Panama City. XoXo

Chris 16 Noviembre 2011
Just unbelievable. If I had just a fraction of your talent I would be happy. Don't stop....ever!!

23 Octubre 2011
Que lindo trabalho. Parabéns, adorei.

Aaron Kantrowitz 23 Octubre 2011
Fantastic work again man, thank you. I featured your work today on GigaEvo and it will be a sticky until Halloween is over. Keep up the great work!

Kay Estredo Hernandez 12 Noviembre 2011
This video blew my mind! I also loved the references to Le Petit Prince in your work ;)

Miroslav Toman 13 Noviembre 2011
Awesome work.

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