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A perfect birthday gift - stitched wallpaper

{12 Enero 2008}

My brother and his wife made very touching gift for me. They took the wallpaper that I created in Photoshop some time ago - Stitching - and actually stitched it! Using real threads and jeans. Take a look at the photos below! Jury, Tanya - thank you very much!

← KDE 4.0 released today - with my wallpaper as default! E-cards re-designed; Valentine's Day discount! →

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Andrew 12 Enero 2008
Класс, с прошедшим днём рождения и новым годом. Очень люблю ваши обои. Радуйте нас по чаще

Dusty 12 Enero 2008
That is a very special gift! Happy Belated Birthday! Whoo hooooooo.......

bioberrourb 13 Enero 2008
Make peace, not war!

Hakeem 13 Enero 2008
What a thoughtful gift! Happy belated birthday, Vlad.

ailyn 14 Enero 2008
happy birthday, vlad. (your brother have done such a wonderful work.)

pelf 14 Enero 2008
It's so pretty, and so thoughtful of them :D

fengshaun 16 Enero 2008
wow, that really nice!

Carolyn 16 Enero 2008
This is adorable... it looks like something I would enjoy making.

Adri 19 Enero 2008
Happy Birthday!

Gaurav Seth 20 Enero 2008
Looks Great..

Adriana Jara 21 Enero 2008
I got a perfect gift too... a life time registration to your site :D:D:D:D:D

ChildrenFurnitureFour 27 Enero 2008
Hello, Another great post

lisa 14 Febrero 2008
That is wonderful!

lisa 14 Febrero 2008
your backgrounds look so real sometimes that at first i thought they had one printed and framed it!

Marco 6 Marzo 2008
Wow, very nice! Happy birthday Vlad!

Bryce 6 Marzo 2008
Pretty Nifty.

rakesh 22 Junio 2008
simply superb

ionuca 12 Enero 2008
Awww, that's so sweet!

Billy Halsey 12 Enero 2008
Wow, they did a very good job. That looks almost exactly like your wallpaper! Happy birthday, Vlad! Thanks for all the great art you provide us all the time.

Mama 13 Enero 2008
I am happy I have wonderful children!

Rob Schultz 13 Enero 2008 that's an amazing gift. Congrats! They should do a tutorial on that! ;)

Thailand 13 Enero 2008
Happy birthday...wish you luck and prosperity

Victor Hugo 13 Enero 2008
Wow!! I'd like to get one of those. Anyway, is the perfect birthday gift. Congratulations!

josh 15 Enero 2008
That is excellent. What a great gift.

Shuang Wu 15 Enero 2008
wow~ great gift!!!

atta 16 Enero 2008
happy birthday :) wish you all the best and thank you for so many beautiful wallpapers that you created

Annie 21 Enero 2008
That's so beautiful! It's such a great job!!!! ^_^ so cute!

Milica 22 Enero 2008
I can see you are one happy family. And THAT is a perfect gift!

Hi! I'm John Strass and i like your site! Thank you! 1 Febrero 2008
Hi! I'm John Strass and i like your site! Thank you!

Peng 4 Febrero 2008
Wow!!! thats awesomenesss!! i put myself as a lifetime member here, its worth more than the money u fork out.

Suki 14 Febrero 2008
Your work is highly respected among my designer friends in Sri Lanka. You are a gifted and wonderful artist. Happy belated birthday! 21 Marzo 2008
its cool man...

Rajesh 3 Diciembre 2011
happy birthday hasu

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