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Create your own wallpaper clock

How to create clock with arrows

The process of saving clock with arrows is identical to digital clock, except hours and minutes. You will need 60 images with hour arrow (hour0.png - hour59.png) and 60 images with minute arrow (minute0.png - minute59.png), where the arrow rotates 6 degrees each time.
Create vector layer with hour arrow looking straight up.
It is important that arrows are vectors, not pixels, because you'll need to rotate them. This image shows vector path for my hour arrow layer.
Here is the problem. We need to rotate arrow layer around image center, but the arrow itself is not centered. To achieve this, we need additional "helper" layer with circle. Create new layer, add a circle shape (within image boundaries)...
Then, in Layers palette, select both circle layer and background layer (hold Shift). Switch to Move tool (V) and align to center both horizontally and vertically. Now, the circle is precisely in the center of the image.
Again, in Layer palette, select circle layer and hour arrow layer.
Hide circle layer, so tha only hour arrow layer is visible (but make sure that both layers, hour arrow, and helper circle, are selected in Layers palette). Go to File menu - Save for Web and Devices, save image in PNG-24 format as "hour0.png".
Transform (Ctrl-T), and rotate selection 6 degrees. Save as "hour1.png".
Rotate 6 degrees again, save as "hour2.png", then repeat and repeat until you save "hour59.png".
Repeat the whole process with minute arrow: save it as "minute0.png", select 2 layers (minute arrow and helper circle) in Layers palette...
Rotate 6 degrees, save as "minute1.png", and so on until "minute59.png".
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