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Bridges: Golden Gate, USA

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Vlad Gerasimov 21 Juni 2010
This is one of the wallpapers from Bridges series. Created entirely in Photoshop with small hard black brush. Dedicated to geniuses that designed and built these masterpieces! Please browse wallpapers gallery for more bridges wallpapers, and there is also similar Cathedrals series.

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Kommentare {7}

Richard 22 Juni 2010
Perfect. Born and raised in San beautiful city and bridge.

The Phantom 30 Juni 2010
Ain't the plural of "genius" "genii"?

Vlad Gerasimov 30 Juni 2010
The Phantom: I am no native speaker, so I cannot tell, but here is what wikipedia says: A genius (plural genii or geniuses, adjective ingenious).

kate 21 März 2014
how should i set it on my desktop?

Sveta Kalinina 23 Juni 2010
Дух захватило :) а часы будут? ДОма практически главные часы - на мониторе, не хочу отказываться от этой привычки!

Lore :D 8 Juli 2010
Great series Vlad!! how long did it take you to make this one? seems like hard work! Greetings from México

otsen7 5 August 2010
oh this is so pretty

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