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Christmas Dragon

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Vlad Gerasimov · 25 Dezember 2011
Last minute wallpaper to celebrate Christmas and New Year! Ho  ho ho! Update: Here is the short making of video:

← Alice, Her Dragon and The Christmas Tree Ensifera ensifera (Sword-billed Hummingbird) →

Kommentare 35

AudForrest · 25 Dezember 2011
... absolutely beautiful! Merry Christmas to you & your family from Scotland!

Vlad Gerasimov · 25 Dezember 2011
Thanks! Thanks!

Vida Hernaus · 25 Dezember 2011
I ran out of words for your wonderful creations... so I'm only gonna say Happy Holidays to you and the people you love! :)

dims · 27 Dezember 2011
just magical... and somehow cosy

valentina · 27 Dezember 2011
amazing <3 bravo!!

PAU · 27 Dezember 2011
felicidades desde mexico, el mejor de los trineos 2 seres fantàsticos unidos en un hermoso momento MERRY CHRISTMATS FROM MEXICO THE MOTS WONDERFUL SLEIGH OF ALL, TWO FANTASTIC BEINGS, JOINED IN A BEAUTIFUL MOMENT

Vlad Gerasimov · 28 Dezember 2011
Adei: how did you know I drink lots of coffee? It was not recorded anywhere :-)

stanislava kelemenova · 28 Dezember 2011
I love it, I love your work!

Annie · 29 Dezember 2011
Absolutely gorgeous. I love the little santa gloves!

Barry O'Farrell · 1 Januar 2012
Happy New Year, Vlad. My granddaughter and I share a great appreciation for your work.

สมบูรณ์ boy ^_^ · 3 Januar 2012

Tusnelda · 7 Januar 2012
Just found it, although a bit late.......Wonderful! Happy New Year from Canada & Thank you, Vlad!

filip · 9 Januar 2012
Hi Vlad, could I have a question? How long did you make this wallpaper?

Vlad Gerasimov · 9 Januar 2012
Gamer: I dont know what Skyrim is. I did not say the idea is too original - however, I did not use anything for reference. filip: it took a bit more than an hour. Thanks!

Jason · 15 Januar 2012
2012 is the "Dragon's Year" in China, this one is just an ingenious combination of the X'mas and the traditional Chinese new year! Bravo!

Gamer · 18 Januar 2012
I was wrong to assume everyone knew about Skyrim. Even though this isn't Skyrim related I'm thrilled you made it, I tried using the Bethesda one as my wallpaper and it looked like crap. Thanks Vlad this is your best wallpaper ever, I'm just going to pretend it's Alduin. :D P.S. Look into Skyrim, it's the best video game ever. Just don't addicted and stop making wallpapers.

Vedrana · 20 Dezember 2012
Love your designs! So warm, magical, deep. Lovely! :D

Terry Klewicki · 25 Dezember 2011
I have no idea how you can keep creating awesome art like this, but I'm glad you do it! Have a happy holiday season!

Anar Quliyev(from Azerbaijan) · 25 Dezember 2011
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!

Erwin · 26 Dezember 2011
It looks like magic and it is great that you share your gift with the world! Happy new year!

Suzanne · 26 Dezember 2011
As usual beautiful and magical creations - very special and a delight to all who see them - a very Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

Mike Rai · 27 Dezember 2011
Awesome!! Your work is really beautiful.

Stefan · 28 Dezember 2011
You keep astounding me. Thank you!

Adei · 28 Dezember 2011
Wonderful! How much coffee do you drink, when you're making wallpapers? :) I like pictures like this - quiet, almost empty. They are great as wallpaper, cause then I can see my icons.

Mariya K-W · 29 Dezember 2011
You continue to amaze... <3

Adei · 29 Dezember 2011
Hmh, it's thanks to my magic skills. ;) Honestly, it's just obvious, that all people, who make such great works, have to drink this brown and fragrant helper in not-sleeping-with-head-on-the-desk.

Kasia · 1 Januar 2012
Your work is really awesome! I like your wallpapers, they're special - thanks for creating so wonderful pictures! And greetings from Warsaw!

Murat USTUNTAS · 3 Januar 2012
Incredible.. Very amazing work.. Thanks.

filip · 4 Januar 2012
I love this one so much. It is amazing. And I totaly love shoes of the dragon! :D

Gamer · 9 Januar 2012
Uh Vlad are you a Skyrim fan? This is basically a rip off of Bethesda's Chrimstas card. A good rip off but still...

hydrarulz · 12 Januar 2012
cat de original e wallpaper-ul asta give credit to where is due next time

Vlad Gerasimov · 12 Januar 2012
hydrarulz: thanks, I was already notified the similar wallpaper exists. Too bad it was after I published my version, not before. Should I give credit to artworks I have not seen?

stanislava kelemenova · 21 Januar 2012
I think that Vlad's wallpaper is quite different and incredible better than hydrarulz show in that website. This one is one of my the most favourite at all :)

007 · 22 Februar 2012
That is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eduardo · 25 März 2012
Eu gostei muito do video

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