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Vlad Gerasimov 18 April 2004
Dieser Bildschirmhintergrund hat zwei hauptsächliche Inspirationsquellen. Zuerst einmal und am wichtigsten ist mein letzter Hintergrund, Bob, vergleiche die Konturen der Katze und des Eiffelturms und du weißt warum :) Und dazu kommt ein Poster des Eiffelturms dass ich in einem Souvenirshop auf einer Parisreise entdeckte. PS: Schaut euch auch den Bildschirmhintergrund Bob an, sie sind sehr unterschiedlich, gehören aber einer Serie an :)

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Kommentare {30}

xo vor langer Zeit

nedrick vor langer Zeit
its perfectly a hot site i love it ....ille invite my friends too.....

Esteban vor langer Zeit
Very nice... but i agree with Wee... maybe without the text it would look more... hmm.. i don't know... But its very nice... i love your work... i change my wallpapers everyday :-P

Armie vor langer Zeit
It`s a wonderful site, WOW.

osama vor langer Zeit
i like it its great wonderful job man

Lale vor langer Zeit
ich das Bild sehr sehr misserable (N)

norberta vor langer Zeit
Vlad, please please please make a tutorial on how to make the old parchment paper in this design. It's the best I have seen, and I've been wanting to learn how to make good paper. If you can.. no pressure.. I understand that you might be busy...

Jose Daniel vor langer Zeit
Cat-Eiffel Tower?

Vany vor langer Zeit
Really good (and it's a french who say that) ;-)

wee vor langer Zeit
you should remove the text... but its great anyway

Pardari vor langer Zeit
Bob must be a very big cat :-D I agree with xo: it's priceless XD and personally I think you should keep the text; It adds the final touch if you ask me I (L) it (XD;-)XD)

kaveh vor langer Zeit
kose nanat (Y)

mah vor langer Zeit
kiramo too dahanet enghadr becharkhoon ta oon aab'e ghalize dagham bepacheh too oon halgheh naneh jendat(L)

Chloe 13 Mai 2014
its absoloutly the best thankyou soooooooooooooo much i love it perfect!!!!

Katie vor langer Zeit
this is really good....i like it very much. i'll definitly come back to this site in the future.

nedrick vor langer Zeit

Sara vor langer Zeit
Genial, esta hermoso !

lovey dovey vor langer Zeit
It's ok. i agree with everyone!!!!!! yaa

Lovey dovey vor langer Zeit
hey this is like msn cooolllll

Carmen vor langer Zeit
isn't it cute??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (L) Your site transports me to a better world ruled by fantasy! This is the nicest webpage I've ever encountered. Your creations should be in a book of art. You are a sensitive, highly imaginative, observing person. You should let us know more about yourself in this web, please :-D

(L)(L)(L)(L)(L) vor langer Zeit

elias vor langer Zeit

vor langer Zeit
I like yours ;)

allen vor langer Zeit
i like

Rick vor langer Zeit
The Eiffel Tower is Bob the cat? :-) (Y)

Nikis vor langer Zeit
Hello Vlad! i glad to see your work, i'm from mйxico, greetings!!

Dar vor langer Zeit
Heatwave during construction?

Estrawberry vor langer Zeit
i want to go someday (L)

Just passing by 27 Januar 2009
Kaveh don't you think maybe some people understand that!?

Vincent 25 August 2009
Please release a tutorial for that stunning papyrus effect! :O

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