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The Fox And The Moon

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Vlad Gerasimov 6 November 2010
Another wallpaper to promote my book, Who Stole The Moon?. The book in  on sale now, ready for immediate shipping! Check it out at

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Kommentare {40}

Minh Vu 6 November 2010
Awesome picture. Love it. Keep up the excellent work.

Jasmin Zinaja 6 November 2010
I'm so glad I bought lifetime membership. Great wallpaper.

Giovanni Cucumazzo 7 November 2010
inventiva al 100%....... great job!!!

Enzo 7 November 2010
So Cute!

Wilmaatje 7 November 2010
Beautiful!!!!! Could you please please, make a wallpaper clock out of this one!!! It's stunning.

Vida Hernaus 8 November 2010
wonderful :)

Светлана Калинина 8 November 2010
Вот это - обалдеть! :) А ЧАСЫ?????? Можно такие часы?

stan 8 November 2010
O my God, i love this picture!! Thanks

mohammad 9 November 2010
i'm iranian, i love your work, you are realy great artist! دست دارم !

fox 9 November 2010
jupiiii I have my own wallpaper, i am so popular in our fairy-tale world now :) i am in book and also i have wallpaper :)) happy happy :) Vlad i am really beuatiful on this picture, thank you so much :)

cobalt 15 November 2010
мне промосайт очень понравился, не видел раньше такого, жжешь как всегда :)

Patricia Chapin 21 November 2010
I will have to get this book, Beautiful!

Bob 6 Dezember 2010
um.... fox who let you out of your rubber room?

29 Dezember 2010
'THe dog earing moon' is mention of the movie 'The Dull-Ice Flower' Genius boy painter expression 'Lunar eclipse' so 'The dog eating moon'.

Mara 5 Januar 2011
completely in love with your work !! kisses from romania

pau 22 Dezember 2011
the picture is a story by itself

Bryan Jones 30 September 2012
The iPhone 5 version is corrupt? I get half the image, but the bottom half is just red?

Bryan Jones 2 Oktober 2012
It's weird, on the iPhone 5 the bottom half of the image loads corrupted (well, bright red), but on the iMac the iPhone 5 version loads fine. I'll save on the iMac and transfer. Thanks. Love your work.

ç_حخهتخحت 30 Juni 2015

Robin Bagley 6 November 2010
I love the little purple buggy guys!

Terri Free 6 November 2010
I just ordered the book for my granddaughter Mackenzie, for a Christmas gift. She loves animals so that was a plus. I am anxious to see it myself....Vlad, thanks for all you do....Terri

Stephen Aston 7 November 2010
I love your work!!!! Your amazing!

leksmar 7 November 2010
Прекрасно,как всегда!

kruzlsee 8 November 2010
great... love it! thax

tamalita 8 November 2010
love it! thank you!

AMPIT 8 November 2010
Fantastic. When will be published the spanish version? and who will be the publisher? I would like very much to have a copy to be used in my workshops on children literature.

Dark1w 8 November 2010
Круто !!, спасибо.....

Peter Brennan 9 November 2010
Well done Vlad. Original as always and it is a pleasure to support the book.

Carmen 10 November 2010
Beautiful!!!!!Love it! Thank you very much Vlad and big kiss from Croatia! :)

melany 14 November 2010
queste fotografie sono bellissime

michal 17 November 2010
milujem tu lisku!! (i love the fox with the moon! i have it everywhere - in mobile, in home PC, in work PC, in notebook. And still when i see on it i am so glad! :)))

Patricia Chapin 21 November 2010

vincent van der Kaaij 20 Dezember 2010
Facing the Moon :-)

Vit Svarc 30 Dezember 2010
I am glad that I ordered the book, the pictures are perfect. If you need translation to czech language, you can contact me.

Beee 4 Juli 2011
wonderful !!!

نت 1 Dezember 2011

Vlad Gerasimov 30 September 2012
Bryan Jones - just checked, iPhone 5 image loaded fine!

lioni 6 Mai 2014
This type of wallpaper are supported by Wallch on Linux desktops.

ricardo 17 Juni 2014
sou foda 16x10

Sobe 14 Januar 2016
In love with your art all the way down in the Caribbean

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