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Kiwi Kiwi

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Vlad Gerasimov 11 Februar 2009
Dedicated to New Zealand!

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Kommentare {82}

Random Walker 11 Februar 2009
so cute!!!! I like it very much, thanks Vlad.

Morgan Jones 11 Februar 2009
Yay! I'm a kiwi myself so naturally I completely love this one. Hope you enjoy your time down here!

Marcin Markowicz 11 Februar 2009
Ha Ha Ha!

Martin Stružský 11 Februar 2009
Vlad, this is definitely one of the best wallpapers you've created EVER! I love it 8-) :-D

lesya 11 Februar 2009
очень-очень хорошенький :) !

Simon Metcalf 11 Februar 2009
OMG! I LOVE IT! Are you coming to Australia??? Would love to see you take on some of our cute wildlife...

chinga 11 Februar 2009
okay. this just in. you're the most brilliant artist there is. speechless. I just burst out laughing. it's so brilliantly simple. exquisite.

Suzana 12 Februar 2009
How adorable!!! Hope you have a wonderful time in New Zealand!!! We will miss you of course, but be glad when you return

George Mariot 12 Februar 2009
Excellent !!!

Steph 12 Februar 2009
I love this one!

bv7 12 Februar 2009
Wow! excellent it's beautiful

T 12 Februar 2009
how cute! Thanks so much!

artavazd 13 Februar 2009
a positive guy! makes me smile ))

Jo 14 Februar 2009
I am sure I commented but now I don't see. Well it's great. And TY from someone living in NZ

Юля 14 Februar 2009
ой, какой лапа) это лучший подарок к ДСВ. спасибо, Влад)

kenzo 14 Februar 2009

Tybois 15 Februar 2009
This is a great wallpaper! I have it on my desktop right now :)

Andy 16 Februar 2009
Great, thank you !

J.D. 19 Februar 2009
I like it. One issue though... why is its mouth separate from its beak?

Erin 23 Februar 2009
Soooooo cute! Great job on this.

Vanessa 23 Februar 2009
so cute !

S. Jeong 24 Februar 2009
So Cute!!!! :D

Cristian Vrabie 26 Februar 2009
Great work! I check the site every day to see the new wallpapers! Can't wait for the next one!

KiwiKev 1 März 2009
AWESOME Stuff Vlad P.S. I Luv The KIWI :-) KiwiKev Auckland NZ

Esther T. 7 März 2009
Very cheerful - love it - thank you!

Lin 8 März 2009
So nice! Could you make the 360*640 size for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic please?

Mufaddal 11 März 2009
where is he its been so long

Dorottya Szabó 14 März 2009
I love ya Vlad, this is my new wallpaper!

Maree Anderson 15 März 2009
This is wonderful! Even if I wasn't a Kiwi, it's so darned cute I'd have to have it.

23 März 2009
oh emm gee vlad are u on vacation or what we need some new ones pls

Asya 13 Juni 2009
I looooove this kiwi!!!!!!!!! I want him for a pet!

Jozef 21 August 2009
Zabité :)

1 Oktober 2009

Sam 12 Dezember 2009
It's so nice !! with the big eyes ;D

Koolchick 8 März 2010
Soooo cool

9 April 2010

Thebeetle 2 Juli 2010
OH.MY.GOD.....i absolutely love this.... unbelievably cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow 29 Juli 2010
sooooo cool and Cute

beetlebug 6 Januar 2011
Vlad. You have made a beautiful website. A beautiful career. A beautiful baby. You are amazing, the artwork that you produce is very funny and clever. Congrats, and you deserve a pat on the back (teehee) Oh, and this artwork, v. v. cute :)

Tongtongro 12 Februar 2012
Your picture bring me so much fun... keep smiling what seeing your creation.

Вадим 9 November 2012
Ы. Какашечка)))

Caitlin 30 Dezember 2012
Also its really cute!

dorene 11 Februar 2009
gees....very cute!!

Robert Marton 11 Februar 2009
I LOVE IT!!! Straight to my desktop! :D

Erin 11 Februar 2009
Such cute wallpaper! Thank you :) From an NZer, have a fantastic holiday here! Hottest, driest summer since the '80's, so it should be a good one!

John 11 Februar 2009
OMG I'm such a fan! Can I meet you while you're down here?

Zoltan Kovago 11 Februar 2009
cute!! this is my new wallpaper.

Paolo 11 Februar 2009
GREAT !!!!

AMPIT 11 Februar 2009

mark 11 Februar 2009
very cute

Nell 12 Februar 2009
Very cute and refreshing!

edio 12 Februar 2009
Если чесно, первая интересная работа после Blue River. Ну, конечно, Where Snowflakes Are Born неплохая, Birds... Но эта - нечто особенное, чего давненько не было. Сейчас же ставлю на обою!

Jill 12 Februar 2009
so so cute!! thank you! :)

Jaideep Nadkarni 13 Februar 2009
unbelievably cute, adorable, and irresitible little darling that little kiwi.

13 Februar 2009
fantastic.. i DO LOVE all of yr works. That one impressed me. lov e it.

Jo 14 Februar 2009
Kiaora Vlad!! Ka pai!!

Lyon Lim 14 Februar 2009
Thank you vlad. This wallpaper brightened up my day :)

S 15 Februar 2009
That is sooooo cute! I love kiwis! (: Thanks for the awesome wallpapers. My desktop would be bland without you!

Heikki 18 Februar 2009
Thanks. Best so far.

Aidolar 22 Februar 2009
In small version its look like a peace of shit...but shit is very happy and smile... sorry me... =D

22 Februar 2009
Just loves this wallpaper... to comeback once and a while to what great things you come up with, this one sure put a smile on this kiwi kid. thanks :). Have you thought of creating artwork for skins. would love this as a skin for my macbook pro.

Nya.Nya 26 Februar 2009

johnsarq 1 März 2009
a mi distinguir excelente.

Zuzle 1 März 2009
Super wallpaper, very very cool, I love it!

4 März 2009
Vlad, When I die I Want To Come Back As Your Clone You Are Just An Absolutely Amazing Artist And What You Do Leaves Me Speechless.... KiwiKev P.S. Remember To Send Me 1 Of Your Genes !

nycanka 11 März 2009 cute, I like it....thanks so much...:)

11 März 2009
we need some new ones, whats the hold up?

none 15 März 2009
OMG!! it's too cute i love u Vlad sooooooooooooo much

Anon 23 März 2009
Vlad, your fans are eagerly awaiting your next piece of artwork :)

Theresa 31 März 2009
Dieses Bild ist so cool ich habe es selbst als Hintergrundbild!!!

Andrius Butkus 7 September 2009
makes me happy

Bam Bam 7 September 2009
eeeeeep so cute love it love it love it so cute

samantha 17 Februar 2010
The kiwi kiwi backround is farly the best backround i' ve ever had. I think it' s the cutest too.

Atrez 11 März 2010
Stupendo, un arte dal valore inestimabile =)

haroon khan 25 Mai 2010
nice one thats great

Thebeetle 11 Juli 2010
best ever!! I love it and i will always love it!!! - oh and i love you! <3

Sash 3 August 2010
Yeah! I'm a kiwi, thanks for this one!

18 März 2011
J love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kingyo 12 Oktober 2011
Very very cute!! Thank you very much! I love kiwi :)

Joanna 15 Dezember 2011
Thats cute. I need it!!!!

qwertyuiop 21 Juni 2012

Caitlin 28 Dezember 2012
Great LOVE IT!

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