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A Small Gift For Christmas

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Vlad Gerasimov · 17 Dezember 2007
Another addition to  my Christmas gallery. Enjoy the holidays!

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Kommentare 64

algerman · vor langer Zeit
Great work as always, a little Marc Chagall, for the flying, evocative figures. About the jellyfish... penguins do not eat it, do they? --> Anyway, maybe a little krill... ;)

LucasDT · vor langer Zeit
Really nice... the pinguins in the sky... the moonlight... the stars... the textures... the sence of deep... it all just works!

LucasDT · vor langer Zeit
Ooh... I forgot, I also love the transparency on the jellyfish.. hard to notice, but great touch!!!

vz · vor langer Zeit
Very nice - other than, uh, a couple of stars in front of the moon disk. Somehow that doesn't quite feel right, even for an image with soaring penguins.

Mohammed Korashy · vor langer Zeit
I Like The Background and The Light

Cynthia · vor langer Zeit
I love all your w/papers! They are colorful, ingenious and very warm. I've enjoy every one of them, specially Xmas ones. I've been waiting and waiting and hoping one of your marvellous Xmas w/papers has a summer background because here in Australia (Oz) we are with the sun plenty, hottie as usual and the lot (bushfires, beach, flies, surf and bbq's). PLEASE, maybe next year you can remember that a bunch of humans are in Summer for Xmas..??? Have you and family a great Xmas and a Prosperous New Year!

VicKy · vor langer Zeit
I like all

· vor langer Zeit
tank,this is xmas spirit.

Spartacus Quirinus · vor langer Zeit
Molto belli! Scelgo i pinguini, con spirito ecologista!

zohaib awan · vor langer Zeit
i like very much

Joni · vor langer Zeit
Great!!! The flying penguins are just flying penguins I hope, not souls of dead penguins e??? Brrrrrr...

Mohammed Taj · vor langer Zeit
Yes, really it is very beatifual but not more than my friend "denisa"...

Hanka · vor langer Zeit
It's very funny and cheerful, thanks

Jaideep Nadkarni · vor langer Zeit
Romantique... Very heart warming and touching picture. Splendid.

Ampit · vor langer Zeit
Thanks so much. Merry Christmas and a Happy 2008. You give us so much. All the best for you.

Anusha · vor langer Zeit
Wonderful....A person beeming with ideas!!! I had asked u before.. why dont u try with fruits and vegetables!! ;-)

Serkan Gürkan · vor langer Zeit
giant star..Vlad..

Peter Brennan · vor langer Zeit
congratulations - the originality in all your work is truly amazing

Christina · vor langer Zeit
That's too cute, he's giving his friend a jelly fish for Xmas! Great sense of humour Vlad!

Taylor Page · vor langer Zeit
Awesome dual-screen version. I love when you don't just crop them!

kassandra · 11 Januar 2008
hey!where did you get this?i like this too much i love this very!very!much mwahhhhh! i love you. echos lang po un.

none · 12 Januar 2008
OMG, it's lovely and cute !!! i like it!!! great job vlad!!!

doctor · 18 Januar 2008

Giovanni Gorga · 19 Januar 2008

Double g · 21 Januar 2008
yo dude this wallpaper is pretty cool

pri · 23 Januar 2008
i like this wallpappers

Katty · 27 Januar 2008

ziad · 3 März 2008
I Love it very much

ziad · 3 März 2008
I Love it very much

光仔 · 10 April 2008
I totally love it

super E · 15 Juni 2008
los pinguinos tienen frio

cutie · 28 Juni 2008
very sexy!!

?????? · 3 Juli 2008
ghfn j cmjvjmv,vjbn h bygvbfgy gncckjmfjh! Sorry sometimes i just speak gibberish.

?????? · 3 Juli 2008
But i love it.

Jonathan Pease · 22 Dezember 2008
Just out of curiosity, is the penguin on the chest of the big penguin intentional or a layer mishap? Brilliant either way, I have it on my PS3.

Jonathan Pease · 22 Dezember 2008
Just to clarify, I am referring to the 3 monitor version.

alda · 23 Dezember 2008
very beautiful.happy new year

Tobin · 14 Dezember 2009
Too precious and what a shame. I wouldn't have minded a high quality wallpaper with your sig on it. Just broke myself from Hurricanes relocating us (still rebuilding) and redoing all this computer stuff (PS, filters, editors, zips, PSP, all that) Did enjoy viewing your site (for 2 hours and didn't get to see everything!!) and will link to come visit again ;)

Saffron · 17 Dezember 2009
This is one of my favourites!!! So awesome =)

colin simpson · 24 Dezember 2009
Vlad, the THANKS you for use of this image to make cards. Your image rasied over $1000 for our non profit. We can not thank you enough for this. We spread the word about your website everywhere, including the back of all those cards! I am posting this here so everyone can know your an awesome guy who is helping those less fortunate around our planet. Wishing you all the best for 2010.

John R · vor langer Zeit
Why the jelly fish?

ramesh · vor langer Zeit

h333 · vor langer Zeit
wow!! it is amazing !! very nice >>>>>>>>>>>>> ^_^ :)

asahi · vor langer Zeit
very cool

dv8ted · vor langer Zeit
vlad happy christmas to u and ur wife...lets hope u get her something better than a jellyfish !!

destiny · vor langer Zeit
amazing!!! so cute!!!! I wish you all the best for new year and keep on the great work!!!! kisssses

Foxtrot · vor langer Zeit

Mufaddal · vor langer Zeit
I love your art work and do check the site regularly for new ones - but i hate to be the party pooper to say that antarctica has sunshine this time of year; its summer there...

GwenGuin the Penguin · vor langer Zeit
What a skillfull blending of whimsy and style! I may never tire if this background. the jellyfish in a jar adds such charm to the image. Excellent job!! GwenGuin

Jim · vor langer Zeit
Merry Christmas Vlad, may this day bring new light to new wonderful ideas and inspirations. Cheers!

Kristy · vor langer Zeit
So cute!! Buy why the Jelly fish? Definitley creative!

Adriana Daskalova · vor langer Zeit
lol :) cool!

denisa · vor langer Zeit
Very beautiful

Mads Sæløen · vor langer Zeit
That's great :) I totally love it!

Lucia · vor langer Zeit
i like the flying penguins :D, very beautiful image!!

Johan Björtin · vor langer Zeit
It's beautiful! Would be nice to have an tutorial on this one!

Justin Murray · vor langer Zeit
i see youve used many of your previous techniques & ideas for this one along with some new ones. it is very creative and very well done. what kind of texture did you use to make the moon?

dwunltd · vor langer Zeit
thank-you once again...happy holidaze to you & yours!

denisa · vor langer Zeit
Vlad are you going to create other xmas wallpapers ?

Ben Talbot · vor langer Zeit
Nice touch, having penguin agnels flying in the sky. :D

karra · 11 Januar 2008
it is so beautiful where did you get that?i like this background can where is your code me i get your code?

islambol1453 · 11 Januar 2008
it is amazing . I think,very nice

sharroz · 11 Januar 2008
i like this wallpaper

· 10 November 2010
Very beautiful

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